Jobs Promises 3G iPhone in 2008

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“You can expect a 3G iPhone later next year”…that sentence comes straight from the mouth of Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the “Mum is no longer the word” event which was held yesterday in London.

When pressed about the lack of 3G in the current iPhone, Jobs cited the strain the chipset puts on the battery as the primary reason for not including it in the first generation iPhone. All of you that need 3G to get by can expect to see the next version of the iPhone, including 3G, sometime in 2008.

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2 thoughts on “Jobs Promises 3G iPhone in 2008

  1. Steve gets back on stage for Q&A. We ask: Why not 3G networks?

    Steve: “The 3G chipsets are real power hogs. Handset battery life cuts power to 2-3 hours. Our phone has a talk time of 8 hours and that’s really important when you want to use your phone for internet and music. 3G needs to get back up to 5+ hours, something we think we’ll see later next year. … WiFi is way faster than any 3G network. Energy efficient EDGE with better, faster WiFi. That’s why we chose it.”

    That doesn’t mean we will see one next year but it does mean that we MIGHT. So please stop reporting it as fact.

    (by the way this quote was taken from Engadgets live blog post from the event)

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