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iTablet Rumors are back AGAIN – This time Backed by TechCrunch

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So guess what? The iTablet rumor is back – AGAIN. This time it’s being reported by TechCrunch, a source I actually consider somewhat credible – but if this is true, I think it’s a huge mistake on Apple’s part.

Michael Arrington is reporting that 3 separate sources have confirmed this thing, and one of them has even held the prototype in their hands.

It would be a 7 or 9 inch screen that would essentially be a large format iPod touch.

The primary reason I can’t see this working is because it would require a completely new App store, with completely new Apps.

There’s no way that you could take (most) Apps designed for a 3.5 inch screen and blow it up to 9 inches without it looking completely absurd.

Some of the games would still work fine, but 90% of the business apps would be completely unusable with giant buttons that would look like it was a child’s tool.

I also just don’t see the mainstream market for this thing. YES – I do see the hardcore Mac Geek Market – I’m part of it – I get it – I would buy it – but I can’t see why my parents-in-law would buy it (and they both own iPhones). I don’t see why average consumers would want it – and I don’t think Apple’s going to make it.

I would love it, however, if Apple could prove me wrong, and convince me this thing would be a hit.

Don’t expect to see this at Macworld 2009 – if Arrington is right, it’ll be the fall of 09 before this thing sees the light of day.

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo is a stalwart in the tech journalism community, has been chronicling the ever-evolving world of Apple products and innovations for over a decade. As a Senior Author at Apple Gazette, Kokou combines a deep passion for technology with an innate ability to translate complex tech jargon into relatable insights for everyday users.

8 thoughts on “iTablet Rumors are back AGAIN – This time Backed by TechCrunch

  1. Perhaps Snow Leopard finally brings real display resolution independence? This would be integrated into iPhone updates and iTablet as sub-variants of OSX.

  2. The larger iPod Touch must still be pocketable. The “concept” is a Mac that we have with us all the time, everywhere we go. I simply won’t buy another mobile Mac that I have to lug in a case. And imagine what an anywhere, anytime Mac can feature as services!

    Nor should anyone have to buy more than one Mac. So the “MacTROU” (for The Rest of Us) must be untethered, like the Kindle, using EVDO. And better than the Kindle, this gizmo connects to all your files on MobileMe.

    Apple can charge whatever it needs to for the mobile Mac, for the connectivity, and for a subscription to MobileMe.

  3. uh, why would you need iPhone style apps for this?

    I’d think they’d make this so that it would run normal Mac apps. Look at the popularity of netbooks within the last year. People want a computer that they can throw in their purse, yet run the apps they need to run, like iLife and CS4.

  4. @arajara

    uh…because it’s a touch screen – which works differently than a mouse and keyboard. That’s a key reason why Tablet PCs have never been as successful as they could be. It’s not the same kind of interface.

    Also – the article clearly states its a large format iPod touch – not a Mac. So it’s pretty clear that it’s going to be different than a Macbook – and Apple’s had such tremendous success with the App Store (financially) that it’s also clear they’re going to want to continue with that method of delivery and control on a larger iPod touch device.

    Should I go on?

  5. Michael, you’re right… I sort of missed the point that someone allegedly had their hands on a working prototype of a “large format iPod Touch”.

    But anyhow, this just doesn’t make sense to me as an accessory to a computer, like the iPhone or iPod Touch are. As I’m always on the go and traveling, if I were to get this, I’d want it to possibly be my only personal computer, and for this to happen it would have to be able to run Mac apps. I think the big reason Apple hasn’t come out with a sub-compact netbook style machine, is because they don’t want to steal revenue away from the MacBook line. There’s no reason you wouldn’t be able to run Mac apps just because it is a touch screen. Developers would just be given another parameter to work with. Their apps would be able to detect whether it’s a mouse/trackpad or touchscreen that’s doing the input.

  6. What I want is a portable Mac with a docking station for when I’m at home. The docking station could be optional (I’m willing to pay more), but should include a min 20″ display, full keyboard, mouse and USB ports. I’m willing to deal with touch screens and smaller screens when I’m out of the house. But when I’m home I want to slap the portable unit into a dock that then becomes my desktop computer. I want to take everything with me when I leave the house, but I don’t want to be stuck with a smaller screen and no keyboard when I’m in the house.

    I remember MacLife having a photo on their cover about a year ago that showed a device like that plugged into the side of an iMac – if I’m remembering correctly the device would have been about the size of what you’re talking about here. I remember reading the article, and I thought they said it would be introduced in early 2009 . . . maybe it’s the same thing.

    I LOVE my Mac and I LOVE my iPhone . . . what I want is something more like my Mac with my iPhone’s portability. I want to be able to pull it out of the dock, and go. No cases, and no power adapters to worry about. The iPhone could be close to that, if we could just get a Word/Pages and Excel/Numbers counterpart for the iPhone.

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