iResQ officially adds iPhone to their Repair Line-up

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iresqlogo.jpgAs of today, iResQ will be officially offering iPhone repair services. A new battery will cost you $79.95. A new screen will run you $249. They offer a variety of additional services for the iPhone as well. Plus, as always with iResQ, your order will be repaired and shipped back to you within 24 hours.

iResQ has been around since 1994, and they’re repair line-up includes just about every Apple product you can think of.

“Per customer demand, we’ve redesigned our packaging to accept several combinations of iPhones and/or iPods. Customers with multiple items can use one iBox to get the broken units to us” said iResQ Operations Manager Kyle Baccus.

If you’re broken your iPhone is a way that Apple’s warranty won’t cover – or when you’re warranty runs out – iResQ may be the guys to calls.

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  1. … My ipod was with a friend for a couple of days after we went camping and when i got it back it didnt even turn on .. i thought that it was just dead but i charged it for almost a week and it still didnt turn on.. she had my ipod in her car and she had a car chager for ipods that let you plug it into the cigarette lighter and listen to your ipod when turned to a certain station.. i didnt think that the charger would of been teh thing that cause the problems because she has the same ipod as me and hers still works.. but it wasnt until i went to toronto and used her car and plugged my other friends ipod into the charger that her ipod started to get hot.. so i took it off and the same thing happened to her ipod that happened to mine.. the screen went black and it wont do anything it wont turn on or show any signs of “life”.. my grandma had bought my ipod for me and she took it to MacOutpost and he said that there was a short in the wire that plugged into the cigarette lighter and thats what caused both the ipod not to work.. i was wondering if you think it might be something different or if there is anyway to fix the ipods.. please get back to me.. i dont want to have to buy 2 new ipods.. thanks, Amy

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