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Holy smokes, some of us have more time on our hands than others, don’t we? I kid…but seriously, Tom at iPhoneBugList was looking through the HTML code of Apple’s site for a way to submit bug reports – or something – and he stumbled across the following:


While it’s really odd that “iPhone Extreme” is listed in the code there – I can’t say it makes me think that a new device is coming. Primarily because the name iPhone Extreme is probably the dumbest name I’ve ever heard for an Apple product in my life…directly in front of Airport Extreme. The word “Extreme” stopped being useful when the Ghostbusters became “Extreme”…please, Mr. Steve, please…don’t name an iPhone (or anything else) “Extreme” ever again.


Update: The code was in the site because of a sloppy copy and paste job by the Apple.com webmaster.

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7 thoughts on “iPhone Extreme wording found in HTML Code

  1. Not saying its a good idea but the Airport Extreme is faster data rate!

    Steve says 3G next year faster data rate! It’s a bad idea but it could happen!

  2. they don’t call the ipod “extreme” only because it’s got more storage now. so i don’t really see an iphone extreme happening… but it’s still strange the name made it to the hp. might just as well be an internal code name though. i think it’s rather just going to be the “iphone 2G” – or maybe they go directly to “3G”? would be kind of silly to call a umts device “2G”. 😉

  3. I dunno bout you, but I sure could go for a nice iMac Extreme. Just has a nice ring to it, maybe a Mac Mini Extreme too, and a Mighty Mouse Extreme, thats what I’m talkin bout.

  4. @mymac

    It’s not a fake. It was a sloppy copy and paste job. Nobody was faking it…and not ALL Apple sites have posted that.

    This one didn’t. Neither did Apple Insider….I could go on…but I won’t.

  5. As much as it hurts me to say so after coughing up so much money for the 8gb IP, there is a lot of information popping here and there that seems to point to an Iphone v 2. My most recent finding has me believing that IPV2 will defiantly have a built in gps. Whether the Korean company will be providing the new chips or Sirf tech I guess we will never know. But on the up side there is a lot of space on my home screen to hint maybe at more apps? Or maybe the use of new software that will pinpoint my location based on the signal strength and distance from the towers like google is planning on doing? We will just have to wait and see.

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