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iPhone: Battle Of The Video Editing Apps! (ReelDirector Vs Video Ninja Vs Video Splicer Vs Vintage Video)

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If there is one thing I love about my iPhone, it’s the ability to capture and edit videos directly from the various apps without having to power up a notebook.

Currently there are 4 video editing apps within Steve Job’s backyard, ranging from $1.99 to $7.99 USD .

So instead of buying a fancy video camera online, you might want to check out these apps that can help turn your iPhone into a mini movie machine.

Video Splicer (Price: $1.99)

Created by Doug, Video Splicer is a bare bones video editor that allows users to quickly splice together two (or more) videos.

While this app does lack the bells and whistles of its rivals, it has one of the fastest rendering speeds of the video apps out there (at least with short videos).

The only major feature missing from this app is a timeline (which is becoming standard for video editing apps), which if added could make Video Splicer very attractive (especially during this recession).

Video Ninja (Price: $2.99)

Currently on sale for $0.99 (as of this post), Video Ninja is an iPhone app that allows you to not only combine various videos together, but also gives users the ability to rearrange the various videos before rendering thanks to the scrollbar (aka timeline).

Aside from the cool name, users can also email videos directly from the app itself, as well as upload videos to YouTube (a plus if you ask me!).

I think the only feature missing from this app would be a way to upload to Facebook as well (which could help Video Ninja go viral).

ReelDirector (Price: $7.99)

Created by Nexvio, ReelDirector is perhaps one of the most advanced video editing apps upon the app store thus far (as well as the most expensive).

Aside from the ability to splice together videos, ReelDirector allows users to insert images within their video presentations, making this app a “must have” for video gurus and novices alike.

You can also insert title credits as well as create transitions between videos from within the app, giving the overall mini flick a professional look.

Last but not least you can insert audio either from your own voice (for those who enjoy narration) or from your computer (note: make sure it’s not copyrighted!!).

Vintage Video Maker (Price: $2.99, In App: $1.99)

Developed by MacPhun, Vintage Video Maker is more of a special effects app than an editor (although truth be told this app is blurring the line between the two worlds).

While originally created for those desiring to create an archaic looking film,Vintage Video Maker does allow users to load as well as capture videos and images without having to place a “vintage” effect upon the flick.

Vintage Video also allows users to insert their own music instead of using the default piano classics (although this will replace the original audio in the video).

Vintage Video does boast a few transitions from within the app, as well as the ability to adjust the video speed (whether fast or slow).


Although I would encourage everyone to checkout all these apps (after all the best review is experiencing them first hand), I would highly recommend users purchasing ReelDirector (despite its high price).

If you are strapped for cash (especially during this recession) then Video Ninja is a great alternative (especially now that its on sale).

While I look forward to see how these apps mature over the next few months, hopefully more companies will consider entering this arena as the demand for video editing apps will continue to rise (especially with the next iPhone coming out in June/July).

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Darnell Clayton is a geek who is re-embracing the iFaith after many years in the "windows wilderness" (due to school and corporate America). Having acquired an iPhone 3GS, he hopes to return to the way of Apple via the iPad, although his dream machine is a touchscreen Macbook Pro.

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