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3 iPhone 6 Accessories for the Fitness Buff

iphone 6 accessories fitness buff

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So you have the new iPhone, and you’re worried about bending, dropping, or scratching it. You run regularly, or go to the gym daily. Of course you’re going to be concerned about sweat and dirt ruining your phone!

The good news is that iPhone accessory makers are always quick on the ball. Even before a new iPhone is released, we already get leaks based on the iPhone cases.

If you’re looking for iPhone 6 accessories that will meet the needs of a fitness buff, here are 3 of the best out there.

iPhone 6 Accessories for the Fitness Buff

OtterBox iPhone 6 Case – Defender Series

OtterBox has always been known for its tough cases, and even if they’re rather bulky, people do pay a premium for the protection their cases offer. For the iPhone 6, they already have the Defender Series, which will give you peace of mind in case you drop your phone.
More than that, though, the case also has a built-in clip at the back, which will securely fasten the phone to your belt.
iphone 6 accessories fitness buff

FlipBelt Running Belt

Dubbed as the world’s best running belt & fitness workout for the iPhone 6 (by the manufacturers), the FlipBelt does seem impressive. It not only hold your iPhone 6, but other items you may need while working out. Some of its features:

  • Multi-access pocket openings throughout belt
  • Turn items & pocket access up/down/inside as convenient
  • Flip to lock in items
  • Non-Bounce, Even Design
  • No buckles to cause uncomfortable chafing
  • Machine washable & Machine Dryable
  • Also great for holding medication on the go. Inhalers, insulin pumps, Epipens, etc…
  • EPA Certified, Odor Resistant, Pilling Resistant, Anti-Bacterial High Tech Poly Spandex Fabric

You can also choose from different colors.
iphone 6 accessories fitness buff

Griffin Technology – Trainer Armband

When it comes to phone accessories, Griffin is one of the most known brands, and naturally, it has something for the iPhone 6.
iphone 6 accessories fitness buff
The sleeve is made of neoprene, so it absorbs the moisture. It fits arms up to 18″ so that shouldn’t be an issue for most people.

What other good fitness accessories for the iPhone 6 do you like?

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  1. nice designs I liked trainer armed brand case. I hope that one is the leather case right ? I like more outer box defender cases. what is the total weight of this case with mobile and with out mobile ?

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