iPhone 3G unlocked? Not so fast…

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The iPhone 3G has been unlocked – or it hasn’t – depending on who you ask.

Yesterday Gadget blogs of all shapes and sizes began championing an application called “Yellowsn0w” claiming that it will unlock the iPhone 3G.

After it made its way out into the wild, though, it became clear that it’s not exactly a reliable solution for those of you who might want to do this.

A leading “hackintosh” site has a poll up with its users trying the app, with over 68% of them reporting that it doesn’t work.

SO – don’t get too excited about unlocking your iPhone 3G just yet. It’s a sketchy shot at best – and if it does work, who says it’s going to hold up after the next software update?

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3 thoughts on “iPhone 3G unlocked? Not so fast…

  1. That is too bad. I’m still stuck in South Dakota, which is one of two states that doesn’t have AT&T coverage. It’s alright though. I have never had any dropped of poor quality calls at all with Verizon Wireless.

  2. @shaun

    the iphone is a GSM phone and would not work if it was unlocked with Verizon because they are a CDMA phone company…its too bad the iphone isnt made CDMA because it could be used with Sprint or MetroPCS as well as Verizon

    its a pipe dream to think we will get the iphone for us…its too bad

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