iPhone 3G comes to Poland August 22

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The iPhone 3G has been spreading out all over the world, and now its making its way to Poland on the 22nd of August. The device will be available on two carriers, Orange and Era Gsm.

There is no word just yet on what the rate plans will be – or how many iPhones they will have…but based on what’s been happening here in the US, you might want to start camping out now.

Thanks to Nico for sending this in.

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5 thoughts on “iPhone 3G comes to Poland August 22

  1. In our local (Poland) forums, there is information that price will be announced tommorow.
    Information comes from TVN CNBC.

  2. It will also be introduced in Slovakia and Czech Republic on the same date. Plans and prices are yet to be revealed. The rumor is it shouldn’t be higher, at least the cost of the device, than in the US, which would make it really cheap thanks to weak dollar. So it’s more likely the price will be higher. I guess we just have to wait and see.

  3. Prices for Era range from $335 to $837 for the basic tariff (500 Mb data). What happened to the $199 all around the world Steve? What’s worse existing customers can not upgrade, unless only a couple of months left to run on your previous contract – so my local outlet claims! – though Era telephone support provides conflicting advice on this issue.

  4. All is not lost – maybe. Further calls to Era telephone support and it would seem the iPhone will be available UNLOOKED. Downside 1 is the $1022.00 price tag. Downside 2 is the lack of inclusive data, so an additional $23.00 a month for the 500Mb. When asked about the $199.00 fixed price, was informed the the Era contract with Apple allows them to charge the market rate – the operator interpreted that as meaning ‘what they wanted’. Oh, and by the way, the prices quoted are ‘on special offer’ only until August 31, so from September they could go up!

  5. For clarification, the prices mentioned initially are in relation to the cost of the phone itself. The tariffs are as follows: 500Mb (data) $45 , 2Gb $92 and 5Gb $164.

    Still awaiting details from Orange. As there is no Apple Store here, as such, it would appear these two, Era and Orange, will be the only outlets for the iPhone 3g.

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