I’m already sick of the iPhone SDK debate – how about you?

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Ars Technica “reported” this morning about “leaked” reports on the iPhone SDK. While these “leaks” tell us almost nothing that we haven’t been hearing for months, the report has already sparked a heated debate among the commentors that has seemingly turned personal almost instantly.

0xdeadc0de writes: “…people hack the iPhone because people want to write software for the iPhone. And these measures, if true, are a huge spit in the face to anyone and everyone who values the platform.”

while others like, BuonRotto, respond with: “Aside from the debate over whether controlling the distribution of apps is more secure (seems to be) or more restrictive (seems to be), Apple is *very* concerned about its image with these apps. That is, I think a major motivation for the stamp-of-approval/portal strategy of the iPhone SDK is that Apple feels that these apps will reflect on Apple, not just the develop that wrote them.”

This is already growing tiresome to me, and its only been one post on one blog. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to take it when the actual information hits on Thursday and the debate explodes all over the Internet….so maybe we should just get ours out of the way now.


I happen to be of the opinion that it isn’t a “spit” in anyone’s face to keep your platform semi-closed. I don’t want malicious software on my iPhone – and I’m not terribly interested in hacking it. Those that are interested in hacking it can do so very easily and put whatever the heck they want onto it.

So where is the problem here?

Isn’t everyone happy? Can’t the hackers hack, and those of us that don’t want to hack, NOT hack, and still get great applications for the device? Is that not enough?

Now, admittedly, we’re just talking about what we THINK is going to happen at this point – but that’s never stopped us Apple fans before, has it?

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3 thoughts on “I’m already sick of the iPhone SDK debate – how about you?

  1. No matter what it is, if it involves the iPhone it just gets done to death. To death! I was hoping that the SDK would finally put an end to all this “jailbreaking” nonsense. I’m so tired of hearing about everybody jailbreaking and hacking their iPhones.

    I’ll stop while I’m ahead because I feel a rant coming on…

  2. I thought Apple already distanced themselves from the official approval scheme for iphone apps?

    When you write software for a Mac you don’t need Apple’s approval either and bad Apps reflect back on the Mac too. And after all, the iphone IS a small mac. Which is in my opinion the biggest innovation of the whole device. It is more than a dumb “smart” phone and yet it is more elegant than a PocketPC.

    If people like it simple, the just use the standard apps. If people want to tailor the phone to their needs, than 3rd party apps are a great way to go about it. That’s the real strength of the device. And now excuse me while I play some Monkey Island on my iPod Touch 🙂

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