How to Rip and Import DVD to Mac? (Only 4 Quick Steps)

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Since movie streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and Amazon Prime go popular these days, people are prone to stream or purchase digital movies online instead of buying physical DVDs. These physical DVDs could be forgotten about in some corner, waiting for you to watch.

Perhaps you can rip your DVD collection and create digital copies so that you can organize your entire DVD collection as well as your digital movies all in one place. As you decrypt and copy your old 480p DVDs to your PC, you will reduce the chance to waste money on the same movie. Therefore, if you still have a Mac compatible DVD drive and haven’t yet backup your DVD collection, we are happy to tell you that ripping a DVD isn’t rocket science, as long as you have the right DVD ripper for Mac. And this is a complete guide.

Does Ripping a DVD Ruin it?

Before we go through the DVD Ripping process on Mac, you may wonder if ripping a DVD causes damage to it. Well… The answer is no. Generally, ripping a DVD is quite similar to playing it. When you try to rip DVDs with software, it means playing and reading the disc at a relatively high speed so that the possible difficult-to-read spots on the disc are not skipped as it could on normal playback.

Also, the process involves reading the encrypted data from the DVD. Therefore, you may circumvent the copy protection and take your needed content off the DVD and then copy to your hard drive or any other storage devices. In this case, unless there is something wrong with your DVD player or driver, your source DVD will not be affected at all.

And if you mean that you cannot get ideal picture quality after ripping it, which also makes you suspect whether DVD ripping damages your DVD discs, then the most likely reason is that you convert and re-encode the DVD into a lossy codec. It is the recompression method that impacts the DVD picture quality. To preserve the original quality, you should rip the DVD to MPEG2 format which doesn’t include conversion of the video, and the video content will be exactly the same.

TuneFab DVD Ripper – Make DVD Ripping on Mac Much Easier

Now that you’ve known the prerequisite of not ruining your source DVD is to make sure your DVD drive works well. But after getting a well-functioning external DVD drive for your Mac, perhaps you are getting lost to find a suitable DVD ripping software. Well, support for various video formats is a significant factor if you want to watch the converted DVDs on several different platforms or devices. Also, speed should be taken into account because you don’t want to be kept waiting for ages. And trustworthy customer service will always be a support when you meet with problems. Therefore, here’s our top recommendation for Mac users – TuneFab DVD Ripper.

TuneFab DVD Ripper

#1 GPU-Acceleration

The DVD ripping process usually is CPU-intensive. But TuneFab DVD Ripper comes with the handy GPU acceleration technology and therefore you may set the number of CPU cores easily and get the DVD ripping job quickly done. Problems like software crash, software frozen, or overheating computers are less likely to happen while conversion times are much faster.

#2 Multiple Profile Presets

As one of the power DVD ripping software available, TuneFab DVD Ripper allows you to tailor your DVD video file for any specific device. It also offers comprehensive video quality controls which enables you to select a suitable encoding method and alter different parameters such as video frame rate, video resolution, and bit rate. This feature is especially helpful for people who require to hit a target file size.

#3 Preserves Needed Subtitle and Audio Tracks

It is common that DVDs have soundtracks and subtitles in multiple languages. But these contents can take up a lot of space when you copy the whole DVD as the audio tracks can be Dolby AC-3 format in stereo and surround sound featured. Fortunately, DVD ripping software can help you eliminate unwanted parts and let you select your preferred tracks and subtitles to save up more space.

#4 Quick Editing

Another highlight of this software is the basic customization tools that it includes. It allows you to conveniently trim away unnecessary footage, crop video, add watermarks, and even edit subtitles. It’s also capable of creating animated GIFs from DVD videos and add 3D effects as well. With all these functionalities packed into one app, ripping DVD is no longer a boring back-up task.

#5 Excellent Customer Service

When you choose a software, you will always hope it to be stable. And occasionally, you may encounter bugs and need support. TuneFab DVD Ripper as a reliable program also provides excellent technical support to help users deal with problems. Its website also offers tutorials, FAQs, and a knowledge base to let know more about how to make the best use of the product. And you can get free lifetime upgrading as it keeps improving.

How to Rip a DVD and Import to Mac with TuneFab DVD Ripper?

Now you’ve learned all the necessary knowledge, so, in the following guide, we’ll be using TuneFab DVD Ripper to copy and rip DVD on Mac. And this software also available for Windows PC. Let’s get started.

STEP 1. Download and install TuneFab DVD Ripper

When the installation is completed, launch the program and insert your DVD into the drive.

TuneFab DVD Ripper for Mac

STEP 2. Add DVD Videos to the Program

Click the Load Disc button to begin, and the program should recognize your disc. Theoretically, this program can rip protected DVDs and remove copyright protections from a disc, but that’s not something we strongly encourage. Still, we understand the need that you own a rare DVD and want to keep it safe by ripping to a digital copy.

Click on the drop-down arrow icon beside the Load Disc button, TuneFab offers 3 options to load your DVD: Load DVD Disc, Load DVD Folder, and Load IFO Files.

Load DVD

When you’ve selected your disc, TuneFab DVD Ripper will return a list of chapters and segments that you can rip.

TuneFab DVD Ripper Interface

STEP 3. Designate an Output Folder and Adjust Profile Settings

Go to the Profile section at the bottom on the main page and click on the Settings button to customize different parameters, and then, select a profile from the drop-down menu. Click OK to save all the changes. After that, return to the main page change the output folder from the Destination bar if you need.

Change Profile Settings

STEP 4. Start Conversion

When you’re all ready to go, hit the Convert button on the right. And the conversion speed will depend on your computer’s tech specs, your output settings, and the size of the file. Like it’s mentioned above, the ripping action won’t lead to quality loss, only if you choose to reencode to a different format. Still, it may be advisable to convert files to save space. MP4, M4V, and MOV are all compatible formats for Mac.

Once the conversion is done, you should have a nice video copy waiting in the specified folder.

Convert DVD

Final Words

That’s it! You’ve successfully mastered all the knowledge of ripping DVD on Mac with the versatile TuneFab DVD Ripper. Perhaps it is unlike the popular DVD Ripper software Handbrake when it comes to the transcoding feature, but TuneFab DVD Ripper offers some options that Handbrake doesn’t. For instance, you can extract and convert DVD to MP3 or some other popular audio formats with TuneFab. And in terms of complexity, TuneFab should be much easier to operate.

And now you can rest assured to digitalize your new and old DVD releases, and after getting a converted DVD video, just import video to iTunes or Mac and enjoy viewing!

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