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How to Fix Gmail Always Crashing on iPhone

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One of the ways to maximize the features of your iPhone is to always keep it up to date. Apple recently released an iOS 13 software update for iPhones, which adds certain features as well as fixes bugs. However, among the common problems that users seem to face after getting this update is Gmail is always crashing on iPhone.

Before you troubleshoot, make sure that the problem isn’t with your Gmail account itself. Try logging into your account using a browser and check if you encounter any issues while signing in. If you don’t, that means that your Gmail account has nothing to do with the app crashing on your iPhone. It must have something to do either with your Gmail app or the iOS itself.

Restart the Gmail App on Your iPhone

It’s common for people to have a lot of apps open in the background when they’re using their phones. However, this tends to trigger these apps to “act up” or behave in an atypical manner. This can also happen when these apps are open during an update on your phone. If you updated your iPhone to iOS 13 while your apps were open, then this may be the same case.

Simply close your Gmail app from the background and open it again from your Home screen. Better yet, close all the apps on your iPhone to free up the internal memory on your iPhone. After everything’s been closed, open your Gmail app and see if it worked.

Restart or Soft Reset Your iPhone

If relaunching the Gmail app doesn’t work, restarting your iPhone is another option. There is a possibility that the latest iOS update may have caused in-app glitches. These errors are usually minor and can be easily fixed just by restarting your iPhone.

In case simply restarting your iPhone won’t do and the Gmail app still crashes, you can opt to soft reset your device. In addition to fixing the errors caused by your recent software installation, rebooting your iPhone also helps free up memory cache. This enables your iPhone to run much faster and smoother.

Your device may also freeze and become unresponsive while the Gmail app crashes, which hinders you from restarting or soft resetting your iPhone. If this occurs, you will have to force restart your phone. Doing this will not only free up memory on your iPhone but also clear out any firmware errors as well as fix any in-app glitches. Don’t worry as this will not affect the internal memory of your iPhone.

After rebooting your iPhone, you can simply reconnect to a Wi-Fi network to access the internet. Open the Gmail app once again and check if you will still encounter any issues. Hopefully, resetting your iPhone does the job.

Reset Your Network Settings

One of the things that might be affected by software updates is your network settings. If there is an imposed automatic override by the latest iOS update, this may have caused some conflicts in your network settings. Should this happen, a network reset should do the trick to get everything back to normal. This is how you do it:

  1. From the Home screen, select the Settings icon.
  2. Tap on General and scroll down until you reach the Reset option.
  3. After selecting Reset, you will find the Reset Network Settings option and tap on it. This will effectively delete your entire current network settings, which includes the automatic overrides imposed by your latest software update.
  4. If asked, input your iPhone passcode to facilitate the reset.
  5. Select to confirm the network settings reset and you’re done.

After doing this, your iPhone should automatically restart once the reset process is finished. Because all your current network settings have been erased, you will have to reconnect to your Wi-Fi network and input the password again. Once connected to the internet, simply launch the Gmail app and check if it works.

If all of these methods still won’t work and your Gmail app still crashes, probably the next best thing to do is to just uninstall the app and reinstall it again. This will erase any erratic cache from the previously installed app that may have caused it to constantly crash. Reinstalling the Gmail app on your iPhone is like starting fresh with a blank canvass.

Should you have any more concerns with the Gmail app, it would be best to report it to Google Support so they can provide further assistance to the matter. Reporting the issue to Apple Support is also deemed necessary so that they can check if this has something to do with their recent update. If so, they can take action to fix it in their next software update or work with Google to fix this issue. Until then, you may have to use your browser for a while until this issue is fixed.

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  1. Gmail crashes when italicizing text, when making it bold. I have to switch to mail app on the iphone to make such changes to text at least iphone mail never crashes. Gmail is B.S when it comes to making such changes to text.

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