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Around 10% of the world’s total population uses iPhones, but many of us do not know how to customize our iPhones to the maximum extent. Apart from using cases and stickers, there are hundreds of ways to customize and make changes to your iPhone.

In this post, we’ve covered some cool and easy customizations that you can make right away! The post is divided into two parts i.e. The inside touch which includes the changes you can make to your interface and the surface touch which focuses on your iPhone’s hardware. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll through the page and make all the personalized customizations to your classy iPhone.

customize your iphone

The Inside touch 

1. Customize your lock screen with the Shortcuts suggested by Siri

Many times, Siri suggests to us the actions we would like to take on our iPhones. Be it opening your Instagram or your Facebook, your phone call app or camera for that matter, you would still want to control or change the apps’ recommendations and suggestions on the lock screen, suggested by Siri. Customizing has been made easy for Apply users. 

All you have to do is hop on to the settings app, search for “Siri & Search,” and disable the toggle next to the “suggestions on lock screen” option if you do not want to see any apps lock screen. In case you want to keep a few apps on your lock screen, leave the toggle bar enabled, and according to your choice, choose the apps you would want to see on your iPhone’s lock screen. 

2. Enable Notification previews by “TouchID” or “FaceID.”

iPhones have strong cryptographic and security features, but hackers might still find some loopholes to hack your data. Hence, not only would you make it easy for you to lock or unlock your phone, but you would also tighten the security of your iPhone by using your touch or face. If you’ve iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR already have this feature enabled by default. You get the option to hide notification previews from prying eyes. 

Still, with the help of your FaceID or TouchID, you can authenticate yourself and go through those previews without even unlocking your iPhone. However, to use this feature, you will have to bear one con of this feature. Suppose you’re showing your friend your Pinterest ideas or your Instagram meme stock; they would be able to see those previews in your notification bar because you would have no other choice but to give up hiding notifications when your phone is unlocked. 

customize your iphone

3. Alter your Interface

If you want to experiment with your iPhone’s interface and make it look like Mac OS X Lion or Android. If you are looking forward to altering your interface, you should download Dreamboard from Cydia. Although it’s a free app, it has some themes for which you have to pay. 

However, you should also know that using Dreamboard ain’t a piece of cake for anyone. It makes some hefty alterations, and sometimes you could need to backup and restore your phone. Hence, while using Dreamboard, use it with utmost attention and care, and never forget to back up!

4. Change your icons 

Ever thought of changing an app’s icon to something of your choice? Now do it easily with the help of The Icon Factory and deviantART. All you have to do is download iExplorer, download the icon picture in PNG format from the sites mentioned earlier, or any other site you like. Lastly, replace the correct files. 

Follow the following path to do the same: –


The Surface Touch

Now, let’s talk about the exterior of your phone, i.e., hardware!

customize your iphone

1. Get Some Cool Cases

Do you also spend a lot of money on your phone cases to give them a funky look and looking for some coolest phone cases? Then Topranked is one of the coolest sites to get the best iPhone 12 covers ideas.

You can have transparent cases with which you can flaunt your mirror selfies. Or, you can flex your iPhone’s natural design and color in front of anyone you want to; after all, who doesn’t like to do that? Or, if you are a black color lover, they even provide you Ultra Hybrid Back Case Cover – Matte Black, which has crystal-clear transparency, a super-edgy look, and a sleek design that adds cherry to the cake to your style quotient. They also show you options like crystal clear transparent case, cheap silicon case, LOXXO case, Nano case, and many more. So, do not waste any time and give your iPhone a sleek look with classy and uncommon cases. 

2. Swap in custom fittings

Some of Apple’s phones have very firm glass covers, and you might want to have a sturdy, unique look. You do not get to worry when you have options from meal to wood to carbon fiber. If you are really into your current backing, then you can opt for this metal backing. But if you want to give your phone a wooden look and are willing to pay a lot for it, then go to Woodgeekstore. They have a lot of unique eye-gazing designs that would make you stunned. 

You can personalize your phone cover the way you want to and get almost anything carved on your iPhone’s wooden case. Element case would be the best go-to option for carbon fiber backings, which gives your iPhone a super-solid bold look. Their site is also really cool. Please go check it out now!

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