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How to Clean Your iPhone Speaker

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Constantly keeping your stuff clean is one of the priorities of most people these days. Believe it or not, your iPhone is among the dirtiest items in your arsenal. You probably bring it with you wherever you go – whether it’s to work, to bed, and even to the bathroom. It’s easy to clean your iPhone for the most part. However, it takes more caution to clean the speaker and microphone of your iPhone.

It can get clogged by accumulated dust and dead skin cells among other things. This decreases the quality of your speaker’s audio playback. In addition, it also makes it harder to hear the sounds coming from your speakers. There are several ways to properly clean your iPhone speaker but refrain from using liquids and compressed air. There’s a high chance that using these will damage your iPhone speaker.

How to Clean Most of Your iPhone

Prior to cleaning your iPhone speaker, you must first clean the surfaces of your iPhone. Here are the basic steps to getting rid of the dirt, oil, and grime sticking on the surface of your iPhone:

  1. Get a lens cloth or a microfiber cloth. Ideally, it should be lint-free and made of soft material. Lightly dampen the cloth.
  2. Gently wipe the cloth on the surfaces of your iPhone. Include even the backside of the phone.
  3. If there is still dirt remaining on the surface, slightly dampen the cloth with soapy water. Remove excess water and wipe your iPhone again.
  4. When disinfecting, you can use 70% isopropyl alcohol as your cleaning solution. Never use a solution that contains bleach to clean your iPhone.
  5. After you’ve wiped all the surfaces of your iPhone, let it air dry.

How to Clean Your iPhone Speaker with A Paintbrush

how to clean iphone speaker

There are several ways to clean your iPhone speaker and one of them is by using a paintbrush. It should be small enough that you can easily control it. If the fibers are quite long, you can consider trimming them until they’re only half an inch long.

Brush across your iPhone speaker while holding the small paintbrush near the base. Swipe the brush from top to bottom perpendicular to the length of the speaker. Don’t move the brush along the length of the speaker. While brushing, you may see some of the dust coming off. Since you can’t do this trick for your iPhone speaker at the bottom, just work the brush into the speaker holes in a circular motion.

How to Clean Your iPhone Speaker with A Toothbrush

If you don’t have a paintbrush at hand, you can also opt to use a toothbrush that has soft bristles. Make sure that it is clean and dry before using it to clean your iPhone speaker. You no longer have to trim down the bristles of the toothbrush, as it’s already short enough for easy control.

Brush the debris inside the speaker to one edge using the toothbrush. Once the dirt has accumulated on the edge, simply flick it out with the edge of the toothbrush. Some dirt might be stuck on the speaker and may take more effort to loosen up. Simply continue brushing that portion until it breaks free.

How to Clean Your iPhone Speaker with A Toothpick 

how to clean iphone speaker

Another handy item you can use to clean your iPhone speaker is a toothpick. It is relatively hard compared to brushes. Hence, you have to be extra gentle when using this to clean your iPhone speaker. Pressing the toothpick too hard might cause damage to the delicate grille covering your iPhone speaker.

Gently scrape off the dirt on the speaker using the end of the toothpick. Drag the debris along the speaker until it reaches the edge then pick it out. It might be easier to remove the dried-on dirt using a toothpick compared to a brush.

How to Clean Your iPhone Speaker with Tape

If you happen to encounter stubborn dirt that won’t let loose, you can use a masking or painter’s tape to clean your iPhone speaker. This specific type of tape would work great in lifting off the dirt from surfaces without leaving a glue residue. Still, be gentle when using this to ensure that no glue will get stuck at all when lifting off the debris.

Cut a short piece of tape and roll it into a tight cylinder. The sticky part should be on the outside of the cylinder. Gently press the cylinder tape onto the delicate grille of your iPhone sticker so that dirt can stick to it. If it does lift off some debris, throw it out and use a new clean piece of tape to refrain from returning the dirt back in the speaker.

These are the best ways to properly clean your iPhone speaker without risk of damage. After cleaning your iPhone speaker, it should produce a clearer and crispier sound. Do this at least once a week to prevent transferring bacteria as well as to maintain the overall cleanliness and quality of your iPhone.

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

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