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iPhone 8 Plus case

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The iPhone 8 Plus is one of the most popular iPhone models in 2018. It was, in fact, the highest-selling model in the second quarter of this year. Many reviewers recommend NOT upgrading to the X models if you’re using the 8 Plus.

That’s arguable, of course, but if you are using an iPhone 8 Plus, you may be in the market for a new case. With all the choices in the market, what should you go for?

That depends on your needs and preferences, and if you are a power user and go beyond the usual pointing-and-shooting when taking photos, then here’s a case to consider: the Hitcase Pro.

We’re no stranger to Hitcase. We used the Hitcase SNAP for the iPhone 6 Plus sometime back, and we loved how much protection it provided.

This time around, we’re looking at the Hitcase Pro for the iPhone 8 Plus. Let’s dive right in.

Hitcase Pro iPhone 8 Plus Case


  1. Triple patented design: Railslide mounting system, optics and ShockSeal
  2. Low profile anodized Aluminium frame
  3. IP68 Waterproof rating up to 33ft/10m
  4. 16ft/5m – MIL SPEC Shock rated
  5. Wireless charging compatible
  6. Extra port covers included for deep dives
  7. Scratch resistant screen
  8. Seamless Touch ID: talk, text, shoot

Our experience

The case is a breeze to put together – just snap it on and off. And once it’s on, you definitely feel that your phone is protected, all ready for whatever adventure you’re up to. With its seals and extra port covers, there’s no need to worry about staying under water to take photos or shoot videos. There’s also no need to be concerned about sand or dust getting in. This gives us peace of mind seeing that we spend quite some time at the beach.

One thing we had a bit of a problem with was taking the back case off. The phone is securely nestled in it, so it took some effort to remove it. 

We had no issues using the phone with the case on, though. The touchscreen worked perfectly, and we were able to do practically everything we normally do with a naked iPhone. (Except toggle the mute button on and off)

A huge plus is that the Hitcase Pro Railslide mount (a feature of Hitcase products) is compatible with Hitcase mounts and GoPro mounts. 

The lenses

Our friends at Hitcase generously sent three TrueLUX lenses, which came in handy on a trip to the museum.

Each lens comes in a soft, protective bag and rubber casing.

The way the Hitcase Pro is setup, you simply have to snap and twist to put use the lenses. Switching between them is as easy as pie.

Unfortunately, there seemed to be a problem with the wide lens, and we couldn’t attach it properly. However, the macro and superwide lenses provided us with some fun. 

TrueLUX Macro

What do you do when you’re at the museum? Examine the exhibits closely. Real closely.

Look at just how close we were able to do that with the TrueLUX Macro lens.

This is ammonite, one of the most widely known types of fossils. Look at the detail in the right photo taken with the TrueLUX Macro lens!

We tried it on a painting, too – just because.

TrueLUX Superwide

One of our biggest frustrations is not being able to fit everything in the frame. The iPhone 8 Plus’s camera is awesome, but sometimes, it just isn’t wide enough. And the beautiful museum lobby proved to be a challenge. The TrueLUX Superwide lens was a boon.

We were also able to fit in a school of yellowfin and a whale in there!


While the new iPhones are waterproof, it’s still best to have an extra layer of protection, especially if you’re spending a whole day outdoors. The Hitcase Pro and TrueLUX lenses are the perfect companions for those who like to maximize their iPhones while ensuring their safety. After all, you don’t want to ruin that expensive gadget, do you?

The Hitcase Pro is also available for the iPhone 7/8, 7Plus, X/XS, and XS Max.

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