Here Are Signs It Is Time to Change Your HVAC Air Filter

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If you start experiencing allergy issues, dizziness, headaches, or irritation of the throat, nose, and eyes, it could be because of your air filters. The quality of air inside your house has a significant impact on your health. Dirty air filters can be the source of these issues since they cannot filter dirt and contaminants in the air. It is understandable if you forget to change the air filter, but frequent HVAC maintenance can always ensure you are on schedule. However, how do you know your air filters need a change? Here are signs to check.

  • There is Dirt on the Filter

Dirt on the filter is an obvious sign that you need to change it. The work of an air filter is to trap dust, dust, and other elements, preventing them from entering your space. With time, dirt accumulates on the filter, affecting its performance and the air quality in your home. Therefore, check the filter every month and remove the dirt. A monthly checkup can keep you on your toes and take care of the problem before it leads to poor air quality in the house.

  • You Have Allergy Issues

If you or your loved one starts to experience allergy issues, the issue could also be coming from the air filter. Symptoms like a runny nose, red eyes, or sore throat could be because the air filter is dirty. A dirty air filter strains the HVAC, so it cannot filter allergens. Once these elements enter the house, your household starts developing allergies.

  • Your Home is too Dusty

19x22x1 air filter is built to trap dust, dirt, and other elements. If you notice your home has become too dusty, it could be because the air filter is clogged. It does not mean the air filter is faulty. Too much dust has accumulated on the filter, so it cannot effectively pull dirt before circulating in the house. So, if you notice dust in the house, it is time to clean or replace your air filter.

  • The AC is Overheating

If your AC is overheating, it could mean a clogged air filter. It could be because the HVAC is straining to push enough air into the house. Therefore, when you notice the AC is hot, check the filter. You might notice the unit cools down after changing or cleaning the air filter. However, if the temperature does not go down, it could mean a bigger problem. So, it is best to call a professional to inspect it.

  • There is a Strange Smell

A burning smell from the HVAC could also indicate a clogged or dirty air filter. It could be because of the strain or mold that has grown over the filter. Therefore, if there is a strange smell in the house, immediately check the filter and change it.

  • It has been Long Since You Changed It

You don’t have to wait until you start to experience issues in the house to change the air filter. An air filter should be changed every three months. If you haven’t changed yours for a long time, it might be time to do it now.


Changing your HVAC air filter improves the unit’s performance and energy efficiency and helps control temperature. A new air filter effectively filters dust, dirt, and pollen, giving you quality air in the house.

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