This Is How You Hack an iPhone With Play-Doh

hack an iphone with play-doh

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When Touch ID was first introduced, iPhone owners felt nothing short of invincible. Finally, no passcodes to remember. No need to fear someone guessing the passcode. Everything’s secure. No one can use my finger(s) without your consent.

Unless they cut off a finger or two. But that method does not involve your consent.

With all the security issues being raised today, however, it is not surprising that iPhone hacks are coming out into the open as well.

How Much Does Security Matter to Consumers?

Tech startup Vkansee has made a bold (but potentially valid) claim that they can hack an iPhone with Play-Doh.

You read that right. Play-Doh. That thing we loved to play with as kids (or even as adults).

Forget the excitement you feel when you get your kids those Play-Doh special sets with all sorts of contraptions to create special shapes. (Okay, I might be projecting here.)

You just might be amazed at this video supposedly showing proof that you can indeed hack an iPhone with Play-Doh.

How do you do it?

It’s simple.

Press the Touch ID finger of the iPhone owner into dental mould and hold it there for five minutes. The mould should have set by then. You then get some Play-Doh and press it into the set mould. Voila! You have a fingerprint replica that can unlock the iPhone using the Play-Doh replica.

Now, let’s point out the obvious.

Sure, you can hack an iPhone with Play-Doh, but with the cooperation of the owner. If that’s the case, it would be easier to just do it mafia-style. Cut the finger off.

However, while this Play-Doh thing may be a stunt, it does raise the question of being able to lift prints and using them to truly unlock an iPhone. And that is when sh#t gets real.


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