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Google gets their mind blown by amount of iPhone searches

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On Wed Google announced that they have seen 50 times the amount of searches from the iPhone over any other mobile device according to Apple Insider. The number was so staggering to them, in fact, that they had to double check the numbers to make sure they were accurate.

This is one of those reports that I honestly found in no way shocking. 50 times more than other mobile devices is a BIG number – but honestly, is anyone that has tried to use the web on other mobile devices surprised? The iPhone is so far ahead in terms of web browsing that it only makes sense it would have a significant lead.

Every other mobile device I’ve tried to browse the web with has been a pain – with the iPhone, I get so used to it, I often times don’t go to the computer to look things up even when I’m in the house – I already have the iPhone right there, and there’s just no reason to go to a bigger screen and wake the computer up.

It will be interesting to see if Microsoft with Windows Mobile, or even Google with their new Android phone OS, can produce a browser that is capable of standing toe to toe with mobile Safari.

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