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GameBoy App for iPhone

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I don’t normally post about iPhone Apps because I’m not into the whole hacking thing…but I’ve gotten quite a few emails about this one (and its a slow news day) so here it is. The Gameboy App for the iPhone. If you have a hacked iPhone you can now play a number of Gameboy games, although I hear that sound needs some work. The interface is, admittedly, pretty cool, but I doubt we’ll ever seen an App like this on an unhacked iPhone.

I fully expect the Applications for the iPhone to be managed through iTunes. What do you think?

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Kokou Adzo is a stalwart in the tech journalism community, has been chronicling the ever-evolving world of Apple products and innovations for over a decade. As a Senior Author at Apple Gazette, Kokou combines a deep passion for technology with an innate ability to translate complex tech jargon into relatable insights for everyday users.

8 thoughts on “GameBoy App for iPhone

  1. Once you go “hacked” (for the iPhone), you never go back, IMHO.

    I couldn’t imagine not being able to have access to all of the apps I do now. It was worth it.

    Apple invented the most near-perfect mobile device I’ve ever owned and then tied our hands and made us wait, so that we can one day be the dogs in their Pavlovian experiment-to-be.

  2. @Jennifer

    Can you tell me which of these apps you can’t live without? No sarcasm – I want to know, because I haven’t seen anything that really made me even want to hack it other than the themes.

    What am I missing?

  3. i agree with Jennifer. Everyone says the iphone is just a computer.

    Well imagine not being able to put apps on your computer @ home.

  4. I think Apple will definitely keep iPhone apps run through the iTunes Store and most likely charge for them too, although I doubt more than 5 bucks. The one thing I hope though is there will be a way to install custom applications that Apple won’t approve for the iTunes Store. I don’t really want to hack it, but lord knows once the official SDK is out, I will. There’s already a lot of cool iPhone apps, can’t even imagine how many once developers have a proper SDK to work with.

    As for the Gameboy, man I love it, now a PSP style one would be sweet.

  5. I have a dictionary/ encyclopedia which I find to be a great help mainly because I type in short hand also the app which lets me turn on/ off my wifi and bluetooth directly from my home page is so much efficient than going through the menus

  6. apps i use:

    -Itoner. i shouldn’t have to pay for ringtones. especially ringtones i create on my synths.

    -mines. hey, it’s minesweeper. i’m entertained. why not?

    -mobilechat. because they didn’t give us aim, duh.

    -mobilefinder. because it’s nice to access the actual files on the phone, especially the ones that i open with…

    -mobilepreview. because it’s nice to open up pdfs & other things.

    -text edit. self-explanatory.

    -voice recorder. why apple didn’t add one of these is an oversight.

    -johntool. weird name. but it keeps the connection from pausing when switching screens. VERY helpful. now why would anyone be against this?

    …obviously there are many others but i use these ones. and i think these are the most viable cases for apps that should have come bundled already on the iphone when i bought it. i completely agree with the metaphor of the iphone as a computer. why limit what can be put on it? and why be against adding these things? it’s not about being able to ‘live without’. it’s about convenience and utility. people find much use and value to these things.

  7. Bogus !
    The new update is so lame.
    I expected some changes to iChat to allow us chat with jabber / gtalk servers at least – no cigar.
    I expected at least one native game – it has been out some time without any damn games and no third party games are possible – goddamned bejeweled needs to be downloaded every damn time and the EDGE is blunt in delivering it – so when I a travelling in the Acela, it kills me, when I need it the most.
    I don’t want to jailbreak – some damn thing breaks with it.
    Oh and it provides finnish keyboard – like someone gives a rats ass.
    I am sure apple would come up with updates slowly but steadily – by that time Nokia would have rolled out 14G phones and have a 7″ display.

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