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It’s a slow weekend for freebies in the iTunes App Store, but here are some goodies I eked out for you.

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Tongue Twister Pro
Price: $1.99 Free
A book of tongue twisters for reading aloud.

Price: $1.99 Free
Puzzles for toddlers.

Price: $.99 Free
Create fractal art patterned as geometric tress.

Optical Illusions
Price: $4.99 Free
Challenging collection of illusions and eye puzzles to decipher.

Talking Rex the Dinosaur
Price: $.99 Free
Interact with an animated dinosaur. Speak and he repeats your words in his own voice.

Bang! 4th of July
Price: $.99 Free
A “spaghetti Western board game” that you appear to play with cards.

Defender Chronicles: Legend of the Desert King
Price: $.99 Free
Popular RPG/tower defense hybrid fantasy game.

Dragons Rage
Price: $1.99 Free
Medieval action/arcade game where you play as the dragon, trying to destroy villagers and castles.

Dudu Rush Deluxe
Price: $.99 Free
Cartoonish adventure game.

Flower Board
Price: $.99 Free
Match-6 puzzle.

Get Me Out
Price: $2.99 Free
Slide wooden blocks up, down, left, and right to help the red block escape.

Hungry Shark Part 3
Price: $.99 Free
You are the shark, and it’s open season on tourists.

Mahjong Triplet
Price: $1.99 Free
Robust version of the classic game, complete with customizable levels.

Price: $.99 Free
Tiny monsters are invading from the moon. Destroy them by popping groups of same-colored creatures.

StarDunk Gold
Price: $1.99 Free
Basketball in outer space. Yep, that’s what I said.

uConnect 2
Price: $.99 Free
Clever dot-connecting strategy puzzle.

Price: $.99 Free
Cute adventure game, comes highly recommended by users.

Kitchenpad Timer
Price: $1.99 Free
Use up to 9 cooking timers at once.

Gif Camera
Price: $.99 Free
Automatically create animated gifs from pictures you take in-app.

Price: $4.99 Free
A Safari plugin that gives you word definitions with a single tap.

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