Forgot Your iPhone Passcode? Unlock It With iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius

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We sometimes get used to setting a complicated passcode to protect our iPhone from unauthorized access. But if you forgot your passcode, how can you unlock it without having to do a full restore? If you are looking for the effective way to deal with a forgotten iPhone passcode, you are in the right place. In this article, we will introduce you to iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius, which gives you the ability to unlock your iPhone with ease.

When is iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius useful?

Why unlock your iPhone with iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius? If you forgot your password for some reason or if you have gotten your phone disabled because of too many wrong tries, this software is a perfect solution.

No matter your reason, iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius is a reliable iPhone tool that enables users to unlock their iPhone. Trusted and used by millions of users around the world, it has gained positive reviews from trusted tech experts and specialists.

This software is compatible with the latest iOS version, but it also works with older versions. It can help remove 4-digit/6-digit passcodes, Touch ID, and Face ID from a locked iPhone.  In addition, iPhone Passcode Genius makes can remove the Apple ID and screen time passcode, making it a truly powerful software.

What will happen after you unlock the iPhone with iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius? After unlocking the iPhone, it can no longer be tracked by the previous Apple ID account owners. Also, your device gets rid of the previous iCloud account and it cannot be remotely controlled by the previous owners. Of course, you need to activate the iPhone with your own Apple ID and enjoy the full services of Apple. This is particularly useful when you purchase a secondhand phone.

How to Unlock Password-forgotten iPhone with iPhone Passcode Genius

The software has an easy-to-use interface and is safe to use. It can help you to get rid of the painful passcode forgotten issues in a few simple clicks.  You simply need to download and install iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius on your Windows computer. Yes, for now this software only has the Windows version. And you need to make sure that the iTunes is installed on your Windows computer. (We’re pretty sure you have a back-up laptop running on Windows.)

Step 1: Connect your locked iPhone to the computer using USB cable.

Step 2: Launch the program and choose Unlock Lock Screen feature.

unlock your iphone

Step 3: Click the start button on the Unlock Lock Screen Passcode interface.  Whether you forgot the passcode, the iPhone screen is locked, or the iPhone is disabled due to the incorrect passcodes, you can click Start to continue unlocking the iPhone.

Step 4: You will then be on the Download the Firmware Package Online interface. The program will detect the iOS version for your iPhone, and you just need to click the Download button.

unlock your iphone software

Step 5: The last step is to click the Unlock button and the passcode will be removed instantly. You should know that this operation will erase all the data in your iPhone and update the iOS version to the latest one.

iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius Free Trial and Full Versions

The free trial version of iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius gives you the opportunity to experience the software. You can try the three main functions: Unlock the Lock Screen, Remove Apple ID, and Remove Screen Time Passcode. But for the free trial users, they cannot really conduct the unlocking process because the last step is only for the full version users.

The full version is only $19.95, which comes with free lifetime upgrade and technical support. You can use the software to unlock unlimited iPhones if necessary. Also, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee if the software does not work.  It is safe to purchase the software and all the information and transactions are fully protected.

Download iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius for Free NOW

You can simply download iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius for free and have an overview of its features. This software is extremely easy to use with its intuitive interface. For now, iSunshare only offers the Windows version for users to unlock the iPhone. Why not give it a try now?

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