Find My iPhone Is Not Working? Here Are Tips and Tools to Fix It!

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Find My iPhone is a great feature that allows you to find a lost or stolen Apple device. Using the device’s GPS and iCloud online services, the function determines where your device is located on the map. So, the owner can find out the location of the gadget.

In case it was stolen, this feature protects your confidential information with several clicks. You can even remotely delete all your data from the device. But what to do if this function for some reason does not work on your gadget? If you’re trying to use Find My iPhone, but it’s not working, here are some effective tips.

What Is Find My iPhone Function?

A feature such as Find My iPhone allows you to determine the location of your iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod. This feature is very convenient for owners in case the device is lost or stolen. Plus, it can be a useful feature for parental control.

This feature works using built-in GPS with online services that allow users to determine the location of the device. Also, the use of this app can help the user to delete all personal data in the case when the device is stolen. But what if this function is not working? What are the reasons? You can always get online help from iPhone expert to get a professional solution. But firstly you can try to do it on your own. Check out the popular reasons that can interrupt the work of such a useful function and fix the problems.

What to Do If Find My iPhone Doesn’t Work?

A feature such as Find My iPhone is one of the most important security tools that not only helps the users to save personal data and to find out where the phone is at the moment. Therefore, when this function does not work, it is definitely worth fixing such a problem. Below you will find a couple of tips with which you can eliminate all problems with this feature.

The Reasons and Solutions Why Find My iPhone Doesn’t Work

Below you will find 5 reasons why this function may not work, which will give you an understanding of how to fix the situation.

Reason 1: The Feature Is Disabled

First of all, if you have a gadget in your hands, you should check if this tool is active.

To do this, open the settings and select the section for managing your Apple ID account. Perhaps the problem is that your device is in an inactive state.

Reason 2: No Internet Connection

For this function to work correctly, your device must be connected to a stable Internet connection. Unfortunately, if the iPhone is lost, the other person could simply remove the SIM card and turn off Wi-Fi. In such a situation, this function may not work. But if the device is with you, then, in this case, you can check the Internet connection to make sure that everything works correctly.

Reason 3: The Device Is Out of Battery

Find My iPhone can only locate a device if it is turned on and charged. Why? The device must be connected to mobile internet or Wi-Fi to send data about the location of the device via GPS.

If the function is enabled, but the device is out of battery then you can only find out the last available location of your device within the 24 hours frame. In real-time mode, you will not be able to use this feature.

Reason 4: Geolocation Function is Off

Another reason why this feature may not work is that geolocation is turned off. In the iPhone settings, there is a location control item. This is a function that is responsible for determining the location based on GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi data.

It is necessary to enable geolocation if this option was disabled and test the performance of the finding feature.

Reason 5: The Use of the Another Apple ID

If you have multiple Apple IDs, then make sure that when you sign in to iCloud, you are logging into the exact account that is used on a particular device. After that, test whether this function is enabled to work properly.

Reason 6: The Device Has the Wrong Date

Believe it or not, Find My iPhone can be affected by the date set on the device. This is true for many Apple services, and a lot of iTunes errors can occur due to the incorrect date. Devices that connect to Apple servers must have the correct date to avoid any problems.

The date on the iPhone is set automatically but if you change it to the wrong date for some reason, it will prevent Find My iPhone from working. All you have to do is make sure the date you set is up to date and change it if necessary to the actual one.

Reason 7: This Feature Is Not Available in Your Country

Find My iPhone is not available in all countries. In order for this Apple feature to work properly, there is a need for access to the maps. The pain point is that the company does not have data for the entire world.

If you live or have lost your device in one of those countries where the function is not available, you will not be able to track your device on the map. The good news is that all other Find My iPhone options will be available. For instance, you can lock the device or delete all your data from it.

Wrapping Up

Now you know what to do if such a useful function as Find My iPhone does not work. Eliminate the above causes that may affect the performance of this function. This will allow you to quickly find your device in case of loss or theft, as well as instantly block access to your personal information.


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