EDGE Network trouble in Central Texas…anywhere else?

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For the last week the Edge network has been almost non-existent in Central Texas, where I live. It has been so sporadic that, at times, my wife and I can be sitting at a table together, and one of our iPhones will connect to the Internet, while the other one won’t be able to.

I have confirmed with some other iPhone owners in the area that this is not an isolated incident to our phones, and appears to be an ongoing problem here in our service area. At&t is no help about the problem, treating like there is something wrong with our iPhones, and trying to send us to Apple tech support – which makes no sense because it can’t be a problem with a dozen iPhones in different parts of the county, that just happen to be everyone I know with an iPhone….if that is it, I would imagine the statistics on that being possible would make a mathematician’s head explode.

So – my question is, are you have trouble with At&t’s EDGE network? Other than it being extremely slow, of course. If so, let us know what’s been happening and where you’re located in the comments below.

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9 thoughts on “EDGE Network trouble in Central Texas…anywhere else?

  1. Agreed Paul. I live in Lubbock, TX as well and Edge has been spotty at best. I also noticed that when Edge wasn’t working, I wasn’t receiving voice mail notifications either.

  2. I am getting perfect edge anywhere in california, where i live. Sorry that you aren’t getting any edge in Texas.

  3. I wonder if these outages would conatute a brerach of contract bertween Apple and AT&T…?

    I guess not but it would givwe Apple to open the iPhone up the all comes (i.e phone providers) willing to sign up with Apple on there terms…

    Just a through or two

  4. If your on Edge or slower try using Iphoneiquity (www.thesmespace.com/smeutils/iphoneiqutiy). It compresses any website and formats it for the Iphone. It is very quick on Edge and you can bookmark the compresses sites for later use – its very quick and useful if you are on Edge.

  5. Yes … I’m in the DFW area and the Edge network has been sporadic at best. It has been up and running today, but yesterday I couldn’t get it to function at all.

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