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Dress Your Phone Up for Spring With a Flower iPhone Case

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It’s common to immediately buy a phone case after purchasing a brand new iPhone. Some people even get the case first before buying an iPhone just to make sure that it’s protected right out of the box. If you’re on the budget and just wish to get an effective iPhone 12 case for protection, check out our post on iPhone 12 cases under $20.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a floral-themed iPhone case to match the season, then you’re on the right page. Even if it were not spring, if you wish for this flower season to stay a bit longer even just on the back of your iPhone, get a case that’s not just cute but also effective for protection. Here are some flower cases to dress up your iPhone this spring season.

Dainty Hand-pressed Flowers iPhone Case

Flowers come in all shapes and sizes, but if you’re looking for a dainty one, this case is for you. It’s a high-quality crystal clear case with real hand-pressed tiny dried flowers. This case is soft but durable and looks really cute and dainty. However, if you’re aiming for a hard or bumper case, you may also contact the seller for a customized version.

Large Hand-pressed Flowers iPhone Case

Not everyone likes their iPhone case dainty though. If you want something a little louder, this phone case features bigger real hand-pressed dried flowers. The colors and shapes are bold and beautiful, perfect for the blooming of the spring season. It also comes in a crystal clear case, which emphasizes the beauty of the flowers.

Pretty Floral Bordered iPhone Case

Something with a little more color all around is this soft silicone case. The borders come in solid pastel colors, which add femininity to the overall look of your iPhone. This case is made with premium silicone and protects your iPhone from all sides. The floral details at the back are UV printed with TPU ink. It comes with several designs featuring different kinds of flowers so you can simply take your pick.

Fresh Green iPhone Case

Spring season is not just about flowers, it’s all about the greens, too. If you prefer your flowers to be more muted and the leaves to take the spotlight, this iPhone case is for you. As you can see, it comes in a clear case with several leaves adorning the back of your iPhone. They are all still hand-pressed real dried flowers and leaves, so authenticity is guaranteed. You’d definitely want to venture into nature just by looking at this iPhone case.

Vintage Wild Flower Pattern iPhone Case

Tired of all the clear cases? This hard plastic iPhone case features flowers of different types and colors against a stark white background. The design allows the flowers to really stand out. This case is made of a hard plastic exterior and a soft silicone interior, which ensures that your iPhone won’t get any scratches. With this design, you may also opt for a matte full-cover hard case or a glossy half-cover hard case.

Floral Matte iPhone Case

Leaning more towards pastel hues? This floral matte iPhone case comes in pastel pink, purple, and blue. Each color features a different floral design, although all of them exude softness and femininity. The outer shell is 3D-printed while the interior is made of silicone. Your iPhone will be protected from all sides with this case. It also offers a matte finish so leaving fingerprints won’t be an issue.

Sunflower-themed iPhone Case

Is your favorite flower a sunflower? A sunflower signifies sunshine and happiness, so it comes as no surprise that a lot of people love this flower. If you’re one of them, this iPhone case is for you. It comes in five different sunflower designs, with each one offering a ray of sunshine aesthetic. The designs are UV printed on the back of the case, so they won’t fade or peel off with proper care.

Sonix Delilah Flower iPhone Case

Aiming for a cleaner white aesthetic? This floral iPhone case featuring white Delilah flowers might be your peg. Aside from its beautiful elaborate design, this case is also drop-test certified (UL). So you’re not only getting an elegant floral iPhone case, but you will also get great protection against drops, scratches, and bumps. Plus, it’s also compatible with standard wireless charging.

Hosgor Finger Grip Flower iPhone Case

If you want something a little extra, this iPhone case features not just a floral design but also a finger grip. You can see flowers and leaves as its back design with a finger grip right in the middle. It’s an elastic band that you can slide so you can insert your finger in to better hold your iPhone. There’s also a built-in bracket that can prop your iPhone so you can get a better viewing angle when watching videos in landscape mode.

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