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Often seen as a fancy synonym for digital marketing, growth hacking encapsulates the processes that ensure the rapid growth of companies. With every step oriented towards improvement and expansion, the end goal is to turn the business into the most attractive, best-advertised provider of goods and services in the targeted market.

With the implementation of tools that automate data extraction and ensure the highest level of visibility for modern companies, growth hacking puts advanced IT systems and solutions to work, aiming to dominate the digital business environment.

The best way to see the overview of the market, its top competitors, and undergoing changes is to implement automated data collection tools. They supply the ever-changing information that fuels all tasks associated with growth hacking. Businesses cannot know the best advertisement and expansion approach without understanding every nook and cranny of the market.

In this article, you will learn about the most common data metrics used by growth hacking and digital marketing experts. Then, we will address the most common web scraping use cases that give the path of least resistance to valuable knowledge. Last, but not least, we will gloss over internet privacy tools that ensure the safety and anonymity of data scraping bots on the internet. For example, you can reach much higher levels of efficiency and buy residential proxies instead of accessing targets via a public IP address. The market is full of great providers looking into the needs of marketers and growth hackers. You can buy residential proxies and get the customizable features that improve web scrapers along with it. The best options are business-oriented proxy providers. Look up their offered deals and get residential proxies today!

Best targets for data collection

Here we will discuss the best targets for data collection that will affect growth hacking. Some sources will provide direct valuable information for marketing campaigns, while others will focus on a closer understanding of the market, its competitors, and its biggest weaknesses. Knowing them will help your business fill the demand for missing or lacklustre goods and services and ensure exponential growth.

Competitor websites

Once you understand the competitors in your market, the public data on their websites is full of insight into price intelligence, the availability of goods, shipping options, and other aspects that dictate the quality of the company for the consumer. With a simple scraping script or a sophisticated no-code scraper, you can extract information from these sources and always stay informed about the strategic changes in other businesses.

Social media platforms

With different available platforms and billions of monthly users, social media platforms are the hotspots of communication between businesses and clients. Having a strong social media presence is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Businesses that interact with their followers, purchase paid ads and promote new products or discounts on their accounts can reach new heights very fast with a clever marketing strategy.

Social media networks are ripe for web scraping of competitor pages and the search for influencers. Because recurring clients love to be treated like individuals and not a statistic, creating long-lasting bonds with potential customers is a great way to attract attention and increase your growth. Influencers and public persons can do this job for you, as their success depends on viewer engagement, and fusing their content with marketing deals and discount codes is a win-win situation for everyone.

Google and Affiliated Websites

The always-improving search engines are our top recommendation for finding growth hacking data metrics. At first, you can evaluate the visibility of businesses in the market by searching up associated keywords – phrases used by potential clients to find desired goods. The results will show rankings of the most relevant pages. Being on top does not mean that provider is the best. Instead, they generate enough backlinks, and the content on the web uses plenty of keywords that push them up the rankings of relevancy.

By collecting information from Google search engine and associated websites, you can better understand which competitors buy ads on specific keywords or improve their visibility through backlinks and optimized content. The top 3 choices in search results receive the most clicks, and getting your website up there is one of the most effective ways to ensure the growth of real visitors and potential clients.

Web scrapers and proxy servers

Each data metric described above can be used to stimulate growth hacking. To get and analyze information faster, we use web scrapers that automate the extraction and parsers that sort collected information into comfortable data sets ready for analysis. Some websites use rate limiting to block automated bots. To bypass limitations and ensure continuous scraping we use proxy servers with rotation options. Legitimate proxy providers ensure such customizations for interested clients, and you can continue collecting information that will aid your growth hacking efforts.

We hope this information helps you better understand the value of authentic public data for growth hacking. To learn more about web scraping and the necessity of proxies, check out Smartproxy – a top provider in the proxy industry with education blogs on proxy server use cases.


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