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Want a Tough Yet Stylish iPhone Case? Check Out the Linen Micarta.

iphone wallet case

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When it comes to iPhone cases, it seems like we’ve seen them all. Marble phone cases. Diamond-studded ones. Cases that will keep a phone alive even if a car runs over it.

But designers and manufacturers know no bounds when it comes to creating something new. And that is the case with the Linen Macarta iPhone case.

What makes the Linen Macarta iPhone case stand out from the rest is that it’s supposed to be the first ever case made of G10 and carbon fiber.

If you’re thinking what G10 is, you’re probably not alone. I had to google it just to make sure, and from what I read, it is a “thermosetting industrial fibre glass composite laminate consisting of a continuous filament glass cloth material with an epoxy resin binder.”

Now say that three times quickly.

Long story short, the material is strong and yet flexible. Combined with another layer of carbon fiber, you’ve got yourself one interesting phone case.


As you can see above, this carbon fiber iPhone case is not all about toughness, but also TLC, thanks to the rubber liner.

Then there’s the third aspect – style, though this is debatable.

There is an outer layer – the wallet cover, which is made of leather.

carbon fiber iphone case

It has card slots and RF protection, as well as a kickstand.

carbon fiber iphone case

Another interesting thing about this carbon fiber case – in terms of style – is that you can mix and match colors. With their existing colors and patterns, the chances are that you’ll find something that you’ll really like and that will be unlike other cases out there.

iphone wallet case

Linen Micarta’s G10 and carbon fiber iPhone case is on Kickstarter right now, and if you like the concept, why not help them reach their goals?

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