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Best Games to Play on Your New iPhone 13

iphone games

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It’s an exciting experience to unwrap a new iPhone such as iPhone 13 Pro Max or even iPhone 13 model.  The tech giant Apple spends a lot of time making super powerful extraordinary smartphones.

Thanks to the latest Apple A15 Bionic processor playing games on this phone is smooth.  It offers unrivalled performance and can run complex tasks in seconds and still save energy outstandingly.  Apart from that, the iPhone maker upgraded GPU graphics performance by nearly 50%, thus making it faster than the rivals on the market.

Further, you will not drain battery life, and the model has decent storage.  In fact, you have a cool 128GB to fill with games, photos, music and much more.  This helps you enjoy different genres, ranging from racing games, sports games, shooters, and much more.

The following are some of the best games you can download from the App store, add to your library and play on your brand new iPhone whenever you’re free.

In My Shadow: The game takes you on an emotional journey that is made up of 4 rooms with over 50 puzzles to solve.  Since the game navigates through Bella’s mind as she graves for reconciliation with her past, each room allows you to explore her memories and learn about changing relationships in her family.  Her childhood memories are depicted by a shadow on the wall, which you use to solve unique puzzles to help Bella let go of her past.  A puzzle has more than one solution, and you can use these shadows as it pleases or invent new ways to use them in order to help Bella.

Starbeard: The muscular celestialsapien has a long beard and two spikes that resemble a horn growing out of the sides of its head.  Now, this turns match 3 puzzles on their head and combines community-developed content and tactical tussles.  Players in this bug-crunching adventure explore beautiful levels as well as challenge beastly bosses.  They can conquer the Galaxy with strategic planning, which involves using colorful and unique powers of this roguelike romp Gnomes or creating their gnome using their own design.  This dragon punching saga is available on iOS and Android.

Kingdom 2 Crowns: The game allows you to play it on your mobile with your friend.  The two monarchs must try and escape from an island constantly under assault from the Greed.  Some of the challenging survival strategies include building up defenses, hiring local peasants, earning a lot of gold to enable you to build a ship in order to escape.

Mario Kart Tour: The game is made up of Mario and a band of friends and foes.  The player begins by choosing a character and competes against the rest, intending to take the first place.  The game can be either player-controlled or AI-controlled and includes winning the races, collecting stars as well as unlocking new characters, badges and karts.  You can play for free or optional paid elements.

RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch: The classic PC game lets you build your fantasy theme park.  It involves designing your rollercoasters, combining thrill-seeking rides and different attractions, as well as setting up locations for food and drinks.  You’re able to accommodate more visitors when you upgrade your park and make it the biggest and the best theme park.

Plague Inc: The player is a new disease that infects a large population as much as possible.  Over time you will need to choose between being overtly infectious, thus facing the risk of being discovered and developing vaccines or staying under the radar for an extended period in order to mutate and spread again at once.

Minit: The adventure video game gives each player or a duck-like creature one minute to discover a sword washed up on the shore.  The active timer reveals that the sword is cursed, and the player dies every minute.  So you must use your time wisely, ensure efficiency in each action and step, as well as memorize pathways because you will be required to trek through the desert, seaside, the swamp in order to collect the necessary item to reach the factory.

Pureya: Players use 2 buttons to guide their character into collecting marbles while avoiding getting destroyed.  The game randomly jumps from one minigame to another every 10 seconds.  Every new challenge becomes tough as the pace increases because you must collect many marbles to use in the pachinko to unlock new minigames, skins and music.  You grab these marbles as you avoid obstacles showing that the game has dynamic difficulty across the skill levels.

Puss!: The game is supposed to be a basic pathfinding game that involves dragging your oddly square feline avatar in order to direct it through maze-like routes leading to an exit.  However, Puss! will leave your eyes screaming.  The game has short, sweet, but sometimes tough levels with morphs and twists.  The psychedelic backgrounds create a strange combination of experimental 1970s animation and internet memes.  You just need to get through a couple of them to end up in a deranged boss fight from the bullet-hell bowels.  The game is demanding in nature and a perfect choice for single-thumb play for an iPhone owner who fancy challenges laced with strangeness.

Octagon 2: The game features an octagon that you swipe help it hop sideways to avoid being thrown into the abyss because the floor has so many holes.  So you have to move fast; otherwise, you will be left behind since the floor moves beneath, and you must spin your world to avoid speed pumps.  You can also flip upside-down in order to avoid holes and much so that you can survive.  The free version has 5 levels which give you limitless play with manual refreshes.  The paid version unlocks the entire game, including a compelling endless mode.

Vectronom: The game includes geometric shapes that change with the beat and waves of colour.  It’s a challenging solo player campaign when you move your cube across the landscape to reach an exit based on the changes in the beat.  This space comprises shifts and changes, and you must keep the rhythm as you move.  Although this appears easy, it’s a daunting challenge because it keeps on getting trickier and trickier.

Witcheye: This old-school platform adventure is big and colourful, as well as a unique touchscreen control system offering unparalleled control over the hero.  You play by swiping to move and touching to stop.  There are six vibrant worlds where you survive by dodging hazards and bouncing off the enemies.  The adventure begins when a witch transforms into a flying eyeball filled with a vengeance when a wizard steals her stash.  Your role as a player is to direct her through more than 50 completely unique levels, have puzzling new secrets, mysterious new environments, and tricky new enemies.  These characteristics are demonstrated by colourful, clean pixel art and an original soundtrack.

Spitkiss: The game allows you into a lovely world of tiny creatures called Spitkissers, which communicate through emojis and body fluids.  A player lovespit their way through organs by simply bouncing, trickling, jumping and bullet timing.  You can get the outcome of Ymer’s feelings through reflexes and surgical precision.  The platform has good music, and the game that comprises a trippy love story narrated through emojis and comics gets challenging as you go up.

The Simpsons Tapped Out: The engaging mobile game allows you to build your own living, breathing Springfield.  Homer causes a meltdown by accident that wipes out Springfield, and you decide to help him clean up this mess or rebuild it.  The game involves reuniting Homer with his loved ones and not-so-loved ones.  You should repopulate Springfield, dress your characters and take control of its citizens.

Marvel Future Revolution: The game involves fighting against Magneto or the Master of Magnetism in order to receive rewards in the form of mighty Battle Badges.  You must level and personalize your Marvel character and increase the power steadily as you grow your squad members and abilities.

Solitaire Bliss: Solitaire is based on assembling a variety of cards into a specified order. The game has hundreds of variations and can be played alone. Solitaire Bliss offers several varieties of the game including Yukon, Freecell, Hearts, as well as several guides and strategies. In addition, users can create an account where they can track progress and beat records. 


Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

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