Apple, Inc and iPhone named as 2 of the “Seven Computing Wonders of the World”

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PC Mag’s, Lance Ulanoff has written an article on entitled the “Seven Computing Wonders of the World”, and in it, he credits one of the seven wonders as the iPhone.

The iPhone takes over for the 80GB widescreen iPod with Video in the world of wonder. This hybrid device (yes, it’s a phone and an MP3 player) recalls the black monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey. It’s much, much smaller, however, and it has far more functions (true, we never really knew all the functions hidden in that monolith). The iPhone reaches “wonder” status, though, because of its one-of-a-kind interface. The effortless multitouch screen has no equal—at least at this size.

and another as Apple itself:

Here’s a technology company that bears little to no resemblance to its counterparts. Sure, it owns only one product category, but it has an unmatched ability to create product buzz and then back it up with buzz-worthy products. We wonder where Steve Jobs gets all those great ideas—perhaps his dreams?

This article is sure to generate debate, but you have to give it to Apple here. The iPhone’s interface is a wonder – as in, “I wonder why nobody else thought of that – or seems to have the sense to pull it off.”. I think Apple itself is a good choice as well, mainly because of the way Apple can so successfully draw us in. I mean – my whole job is based around the damned company! Almost everything in my house that’s electronic has an Apple logo on it, and if they released an iToaster, I’d probably buy that too…why?

Because it would be the most awesome toaster ever – and you KNOW IT.

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  1. Man I wish Apple made a toaster, I’ve gone through like 6, none of them can toast the damn bread evenly on both sides and the same multiple times. Look what you’ve done, wheres my damn iToaster Apple!

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