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9 Out of 10 CEOs of Successful Businesses Prefer iPhone: 10 Reasons Why

Company CEO with an iPhone

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The internet is full of photos of founders of successfully funded startups and CEOs of established businesses. The majority of these executives are seen clutching an iPhone. This iDevice is popular among successful individuals; thus, Apple rarely needs sponsorship from people in business or endorsement from celebrities because of its own goodness.

Actually, it’s believed that once a user is hooked to Apple devices, it’s impossible to switch to Windows or Android products. This is so even if Apple is accused of using heavily restricted firmware, thus limiting customization of its features or modifying its operating system. This shiny device is sold at a high price. Indeed carrying an iPhone enhances your social status.

The article explains why iPhones are popular among business owners and personalities.

10 Reasons Why Company Executives Use iPhones

1.    Design

Since its release iPhone has had a significantly different physical design to other smartphones. Apple’s products look simple, clean, and stylish. This visual simplicity makes the iPhone look clean ad instantly recognizable at first glance. These smartphones have status symbols and are smoother; that is why executives love iPhone models.

2.    Exclusive Features

Like other brands, Apple has created devices with unique features to help them stand out from the rest. It also provides several advancements specifically for its users. These features are perfect for businesses. FaceTime, for example, is a unique video calling app that helps CEOs create conferences on the go. Apple Pay enables users to shop online quickly and easily, thus saving their time.

3.    User-friendly Interface

It is easy to use an iPhone because Apple always maintains its style. Therefore executives don’t waste time getting used to the latest iPhone model or discovering how new models work. Although Apple keeps on adding new features to new iPhone models, the basics are always the same.

4.    Simplicity of Use

iOS is not customizable, but this doesn’t make Apple’s operating system worse. Executives and entrepreneurs are highly productive people who don’t have time to customize and modify anything. Instead, they want a smartphone that helps them achieve better results and perform multiple tasks. These users are looking for ease of use and a better user experience.

5.    Prestige

Apple devices such as iPhone are popular among successful people because of their prestige. iPhones are expensive compared to their Android counterparts; for instance, the iPhone 13 Pro Max price is $1,099. This reserves them for high-end users, such as company executives and business owners. In fact, it’s considered that iPhones are for people with higher status, such as successful people.

6.    Safety

IOS-based smartphones are secure because Apple has added multiple advanced security features to its devices. These include facial recognition, two-factor authentication, sandboxing, etc. The advanced security features keep their data secure because nearly 90% of mobile malware targets Android users. Further, the company reviews all apps submitted to App Store to ensure its users are safe.

7.    Physical Sensations

Like other Apple devices, iPhone is a step higher when it comes to durability and quality. These phones are made of high-quality materials, thus more dependable and stronger. Therefore it feels pretty nice to use an iPhone during meetings, check emails, play games, and much more.

8.    Multitasking

As mentioned earlier, business executives are productive people who perform a lot of tasks at any given time, including when traveling, during coffee breaks, etc. In view of that, company CEOs are interested in smartphones that don’t freeze when running multiple apps or downloading several files. Apple is such a gadget. It’s not susceptible to viruses, has great features, and more.

9.    Wide Selection of Applications

The App Store has more than 1.5 million applications. Apple runs safety, performance, and reliability test on submitted apps before admitting them to the App store. Further, there is a separate section for business apps helping entrepreneurs find necessary tools to satisfy their personal and business needs. Indeed, some apps help entrepreneurs and executives to manage their time, schedule meetings, and much more.

10. Performance

Apple makes its products using a unique operating system. iOS is stable, secure, and offers excellent all-around performance. Users receive all necessary updates just at the right time, thus making the user experience both smooth and straightforward.


CEOs and executives prefer iPhone because they’re intuitive in use, have plenty of exclusive features, and offers excellent all-round performance. Users can run multiple operations simultaneously because of the iOS stability.

These devices are safe and signal prestige and success. The majority of business personalities prefer iOS over their Android counterparts because they highlight their status, which is critical to persons in a position of power.

Kossi Adzo

Kossi Adzo

Kossi Adzo is a technology enthusiast and digital strategist with a fervent passion for Apple products and the innovative technologies that orbit them. With a background in computer science and a decade of experience in app development and digital marketing, Kossi brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the Apple Gazette team.

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