5 Awesome iPhone Apps You Aren’t Using

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The iPhone promotes not just the technology, but also a lifestyle. As the phone is identified as a premium mobile device powered by high-performance hardware, what sets the iPhone apart from other smartphones in the market it is exclusivity.

Once you have the iPhone in hand, you become part of an exclusive group of people who owns arguably the best mobile device in the world. More importantly, you gain exclusive access to its AppStore that hosts a gamut of downloadable apps for your pleasure.

Speaking of apps, there are some that go unnoticed by iPhone users. While there are apps featured on the front page of the App Store, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best. Therefore, the exclusivity that comes in using the iPhone has something to do with your diligence to find the right apps that help improve your life.

However, instead of doing the browsing and downloading, we present to you some of the most obscure but awesome iPhone apps that beg for your attention.

Accompli Email & Calendar

Awesome iPhone Apps You Aren’t Using

One of the biggest concerns of people on the go is the need to make their lives more efficient so they can get more things done in a day. This is especially for those who cannot live without checking their multiple emails and checking their calendars every minute.

Thankfully, the iPhone gives you the privilege to make your life much simpler witrh Accompli. This free app lets you view your email accounts (Microsot 365, Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, etc.) in a single app, along with your calendar and contact details.Other features include seeing all attachment files shared to recipients, sharing your location with your contacts, and more.

Download this app.


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Awesome iPhone Apps You Aren’t Using

With the popularity of Instagram and other image sharing apps, mobile device users are becoming more aware of different photography techniques and image filter to help improve their shots. If you want to make the most out of your photos and make them appear professional, use TriggerTrap.

This app possesses features that are seen from more advanced cameras such as long-exposure, Timelapse, and Distancelapse, to name a few. If you’re interested taking up photography as a hobby, then TriggerTrap is not only a great introductory tool to photography, but also an indispensable tool to professionals.

Download this app.

Simple Telly

Watch Netflix from anywhere with SimpleTelly Smart DNS - YouTube

Are you a TV junkie who simply can’t get enough of the best shows not only in the US, but also all over the world? If so, then you might be aware of the problem that prevents you from watching your favorite shows when you’re abroad.

In the age of web streaming that allows you to view shows on your mobile phones, content from sites like Netflix and Hulu are geo-restricted. What this means is that you can’t view the show outside specific countries.

If you’re an expat or are working outside your local country, you can still stay on top of your favorite shows using Simple Telly. What this SmartDNS app does is forego the geo-restriction, allowing you to watch your shows of choice anywhere, anytime.

Download this app.

UP Coffee

Awesome iPhone Apps You Aren’t Using

For coffee lovers out there looking to gain a deep understanding on how caffeine affect their sleep, then UP Coffee is the app for you. Jawbone, developers of this app, are known for the fitness tracking apps, but UP coffee is a standalone app that lets you learn how the amount of caffeine you consume in a day (coffee, soda, etc.) affects your sleeping patterns. The intuitive visuals help you digest thescientific information in an understandable manner.

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Year Walk

Awesome iPhone Apps You Aren’t Using

Unlike any other game you have played before, Year Walk offers a unique point-and-click gaming experience that revolves around a Swedish folklore. Listed as one of the top 10 games in 2013 by Pocket Gamer, the odd imagery, esoteric environment, and minimalistic visuals of Year Walk add up to the chilling feeling of playing the game.

Download this app.

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