30 Days of iPhone – Day 9

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You know, I really thought there would be more to talk about for the 30 Days of iPhone articles. It’s actually getting hard to come up with much to discuss….the thing, for the most part, just works. I’m getting used to having it in my pocket, and I use it constantly. I read an article yesterday that said I was on crack for saying the iPhone is cheap for what you get, because other smartphones have been doing these things for years.

All I can say in response to that is…yeah, they have – but they sucked at it. What makes the iPhone work is not that they’re doing things no one has ever done before. They’re just doing things way better than anyone has done before, and in a way that no one has ever done before. The phone is great. The ipod is great. The Internet device is great. All three products bundled into this little computer in my pocket are heads and shoulders above anything Palm has ever put out.

I get that some people will prefer those other handhelds. That’s fine. I’m glad you like your phone…but you’re in a minority. Whether you like the iPhone or not, most people hate their cellphones. They are hard to use, clunky beasts…and the iPhone isn’t. What it lacks in “little things” (like no MMS messages…to me, I keep thinking….why don’t you just send an email?), it makes up for in the UI and general awesomeness.

So there.

Steve, a regular reader, asked me a week or so back how the iPhone handles pop-up windows. I don’t go to a lot of sites with pop-up windows, but I have noticed that it seems to do a better job of blocking pop-ups and Safari on my Mac. I almost never have to deal wtih a pop-up on the iPhone. If I do, it’s usually a link that I’ve clicked, and it will open in a new page, that becomes the main screen. If I want to go back to what I was doing I just hit the pages button, and flick back over to the other page I was on.

If you have any questions about the iPhone that you’d like answered feel free to email me at the address I give out in the podcast (don’t want to type it here because I like not getting spam), or send something in via the contact form.

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5 thoughts on “30 Days of iPhone – Day 9

  1. I agree… I’ve had smart phones that have a lot of the same functions as iPhone but I never used them as much as I do now. It’s just soooo much easier to navigate and access what you need. Sure it doesn’t have MMS or Voice activated dialing, or Video.. but can your phone do THIS!….

  2. I have heard similar responses about the iPhone – they have been from people who do not have one! I can’t wait to get one. Unfortunately, I don’t have the cash flow to purchase and pay off the T-Mobile contract. If anybody out there would like to contribute to my cash flow woes email me 🙂

  3. Wooo finally heh.

    However, I personally would like a piece about all the cons on the iPhone with no pros, and then another day all the pros.

    Also take a stab at testing the iPhone web apps, I’m sure we will get more as the days go by. Also if its not too much trouble, maybe some pictures of them. I’m curious how meebo (or w.e) looks like.

    If your still having too much trouble thinking of things to write about, send me your iPhone. I likely won’t write about anything but I will enjoy myself. Thats like a win win right?

  4. You can turn off pop ups, if you don’t it still asks you about each one and whether you want to open it (a message comes up that says a pop-up wanted to open, with block and allow as options). It will never just open a pop up in another “tab” (tab in quotes because it is really another browser window)

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