Will Steve Jobs make an Apperance at Macworld 2009?

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The LAST Apple Macworld Keynote is only a few days away. Right now there are some really interesting (and other not-so-interesting) rumors about what exactly this Keynote will be about. Right now we just don’t know.

One thing that strikes me, though, is the idea that this Keynote will be Jobs-less. Just because Phil Schiller is giving the Keynote – that doesn’t mean that Steve Jobs won’t be there in some capacity.

There have been many times in the past when Phil has appear in a Steve Jobs Keynote without being announced before hand. If Jobs is in good health, an appearance like this would solidify that point without him having to make a big deal about it.

Plus, what better way for Steve to get a massive standing ovation at the last Keynote than a surprise appearance?

I will be extremely surprised if we don’t see him there in some form or another.

What do you think?

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10 thoughts on “Will Steve Jobs make an Apperance at Macworld 2009?

  1. U shud implement Facebook Connect on ur site… many more will comment.
    Im sure Steve will make an appearance… macworld is soo incomplete without it

  2. It would make the whole announcement complete and would please so so many fans. But I’m not going to keep my hops too high this Tuesday

  3. absolutely, this has been my thought from the moment i heard that he wasn’t giving the keynote, he will be the “one more thing” if there is no new product release, or if there is a new product release (update mac mini PLEASE!) he will come on stage to introduce it and then turn the show back over to Phil. This is Apples way of bowing out of the Macworld show. The expectation of Macworld product releases is too much pressure to bear and it adversely affects AAPL stock price when a revolutionary product isn’t release at every Macworld. Apple no longer has to schedule product releases around these trade shows. They get enough press now that they can release products as they wish.

  4. In fact, it would be a significant mistake if he is not there. Many would think it to be proof
    positive of deteriorating health. In additional, if he does make some sort of appearance the stock
    will surely take another HIT.

  5. I really hope so. If he doesn’t then like Gregg said, it will definitely indicate health problems. For someone whose spoken at every one so far, not to mention his passion for Mac. It would be absurd for him not to make an appearance in some form. I’d be happy with him giving an interview or answering a few questions. Although if he did make an appearance on stage, that would be great. I just wanna know that el Jobso is alright. Its one thing to cancel Macworld (can’t blame em, way the stock drops) but its another for Jobs not to even show up.

  6. Steve Jobs will retire while he is in good health.
    It is important to do so to dissociate Steve from the company.
    So anything is open.

  7. I’m fine if he isn’t there. I mean, I like Jobs as much as the next guy/girl, but I like Apple for the products not for the people who work there. It just saddens me that the stock will drop if he isn’t there or when he inevitably leaves Apple.

  8. It would be fun. I’ll give it a 25% chance that Phil will demonstrate a new version of iChat and the he’ll make will be to Steve.

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