Thoughts on the Philnote and the Media’s Reaction to It

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If you want to get a look at yesterday’s Philnote you can do so in a variety of ways. They have posted it streaming at right here. You can also find it in iTunes available for download right here.

Looking at all the articles this morning about the Keynote online, make it very clear why Apple is pulling out of Macworld. Forget anything about Steve’s health, for get time tables, forget all of that (even though there may be elements of truth to the reasoning in them all). The clearest reason to pull out of Macworld is because Apple just can’t win with the press on these events.

The rumormill started chugging along after everyone got over Steve not delivering the keynote and we saw Mac Mini rumors, new home media rumors, the iTablet popped up a time or two, and the iPhone Nano rumors (which make NO sense) dominated.

None of these things came true – and you know what? Apple still didn’t disappoint at this show.

Why? Because they told us this event was going to be down played – then they down played it. Steve didn’t give the keynote, it’s the last year – all the signs are RIGHT THERE that say this event was not going to be the iPhone unveiling of 2007.

Still, the rumor mill gets things worked up, and the stock takes a hit every time because of it.

So it makes perfect sense why Apple is pulling out of Macworld. If I were them, I’d do the same thing – there’s no reason their stock should have to take a hit every time they make an announcement because people can’t help but make stuff up on the Internet.

At least, that’s how I feel about it – what do you think?

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6 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Philnote and the Media’s Reaction to It

  1. I am very dissapointed about how Apple update their products. I am a Mac User since 1993. I use the Mac. I want the best computer, the fastest computer. I want Apple to embed technologies like the mouse, the superdrive several years ago, the firewire, may be it’s ok with the display port but I am not sure for now. I don’t see anything closer to this today. Hurry! We see alot of patent every week from Apple. He! Use it! The iPhone is great, no word to say against it… but He why to disable the video camera. Secret is over. Apple is not as best as before. The fact is, Apple use the Intel processor. Downgrade to the mass.

  2. I agree. They also mentioned the number of people they reach with the apple stores compared to the macworld visitors. I do not see a reason why Apple should be following a dictated schedule instead of announcing the stuff when it is ready to be announced.

  3. I agree completely.
    I enjoyed the show and I’ve already bought iWork ’09. It is working well.

    It is as simple as you say but so many of the chattering classes can’t seem to work it out.

  4. Exactly, they should stick to WWDC in June, and iPod stuff in Sept. Everything else should just be announced on their homepage. It never fails, whatever amazing tech they announce, it is always somehow downplayed by the rumors that never came true. And their stock suffers for it.

  5. I used to work in a similar area to Apple, and I know that January is a terrible time to be launching products and so I can completely understand why Apple have pulled out of the event. The media increasingly overhype the Apple events and, as you say, disappointment inevitably ensues.

    The new iLife suite (which I do not remember anybody predicting), looks very good and is sufficient for me to view this keynote as a success. iPhoto in particular, looks excellent (and just when I thought they could not make it any better!). I especially like the look of the inbuilt Flickr integration, geotagging, places and names features.

    I am not so convinced about upgrading iWork though…..

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