RUMOR: Apple built fake store for WWDC Ad

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This one is pretty interesting, we heard last week that an Apple store set was built on a Hollywood soundstage, and it was presumed that the set would be used in an upcoming film of some kind, but according to Vallywag (thanks Ars Technica) that’s not exactly what it was used for.

Instead, the word going around now is that Apple actually filmed a commercial that is to premiere at the WWDC Keynote in the location, and wanted the set locked down after the stir the commercial shoot in NYC caused last week.

Of course, it also makes sense to build a store for a shoot so that you don’t have to block off one of your highest revenue generating stores for a full day – but it is curious that they built the set over the Memorial Day weekend. Obviously they were in a hurry – because that had to have included holiday pay.

This has, of course, led people speculate the this couldn’t all just be for the 3G iPhone – so there MUST be something else that’s going to be announced.

I doubt that – but we have less than a week to find out.

I love Keynotes. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “RUMOR: Apple built fake store for WWDC Ad

  1. For me, it sounds like an Apple Store Ad (even if they don’t necessarily need advertising). Usual Apple Ads include a neutral background with the device or “PC vs. Mac”. I don’t think they would go in another direction only because of the 3G iPhone. It must be for something else and with the shoot in an Apple Store make me believe it’s for an Apple Store Ad.

    The fake store in a studio also makes sense with the shoot at the NYC Apple Store. They can recreate the inside of the store in a studio, but they can’t recreate the NYC exterior in any way…

  2. Apple has BILLIONS in the vault. So it’s not that crazy to think they’d build an entire set just to shoot a 30 second commercial. Think of the sales that these adds generate.

  3. Look at the new iPhone 3g ad, pause it when they show the phone and you can just about see that it is an apple store with a genius bar in the background.

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