POLL: What is the BEST Apple Product of 2008?

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Sure, we still have a little over a month to go before the end of the year, but it’s safe to say that Apple is done offering up new products in 2008.

Looking back on the developments of the year, there are some pretty impressive things that have come out of 2008 in regards to Apple releases. I’m curious, though, as to what you think is the BEST of these amazing products.

Here are the contenders:

1) Macbook Air – Apple kicked off the year by showing us this extremely thin, extremely portable, addition to the Apple notebook family. It’s amazing, no doubt – but is it the best?

2) iPhone 3G – Apple’s second generation iPhone features an even sleeker design, GPS, 3G speed, and more – is that enough to put it over the top?

3) Unibody Macbook and Macbook Pros – These next generation notebooks feature a unibody design, a refreshed look, and a great price point for the power they contain…but is even that enough to defeat the iPhone 3G and Macbook Air?

4) Other – Cinema Displays? The App Store? iTunes 8? the iPhone OS 2? Do any of these things overtake the other options on the list (btw – if you think the App Store or iPhone OS should be included in the iPhone 3G…just vote for the 3G…they’re here because they are available for the original iPhone as well.)

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