FLASHBACK: Apple Logo Shoes

It’s been a while since we’ve done a flashback (there’s only so much Apple History to cover after all), but while I was looking for an image of Apple HQ this morning, I stumbled across these wonderful Apple Shoes.

These sneakers were given to Apple employees in the 1990s (during the time period before Steve returned). They feature the vintage Apple “rainbow” logo embroidered into the tongue and the sides of the shoes.

I don’t know if they were prototypes for a possible retail line of shoes, or simply a company gift in the same way that other apparel has been in the past (I would imagine that’s the more likely scenario), but the shoes are definitely a rare find. Occasionally they will pop-up on eBay or other auction sites. The last pair I was able to find online was heavily worn, and sold for $75.

If you can spread any more light into the story of these Apple logo shoes, feel free to leave comments below.



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  1. I worked for a major Automotive Supplier in the early 90’s that gave us all shoes just like those as Christmas gifts. They had the company logo on the tongue and the logo and name on the side just like these do! They were HORRIBLY uncomfortable shoes.

    There must have been a company making and selling these to the Fortune 500 Companies back then.

    I know exactly what happened to mine – I took a job at a competitor shortly after getting these shoes, so I took them out a friends house and used them as target practice. A few boxes of various sized ammo later, and there wasn’t much left of them!

  2. Well, they weren’t given to all employees, that’s for sure.

    They also look very much like Reeboks of the day.