At&T wants to know what features you want on your iPhone

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AT&T has recently reached out to many iPhone owners to find out what you’d like to see on future versions of the iPhone according to MacNN.

For the most part the survey is about your satisfaction with both AT&T and Apple, but it also asks specifically about several features, and whether or not you want them. Those features include text copy and paste, MMS messaging, and Flash and Java support. So – obviously – some one up there is at least LOOKING around to see what people would like to see on their iPhones.

Now let’s just hope enough of the general iPhone user public actually does care about these things. If so, we might get to see some of these things on the device in the (hopefully) near future.

So – if you’re an iPhone user and you get asked to take this survey…take the time to tell them what you think. It might actually pay off down the road.

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2 thoughts on “At&T wants to know what features you want on your iPhone

  1. Unlimited SMS texting without need for extra costs. Reduced monthly costs for phone service. Android is getting my attention for my next purchase. We own 4 and monthly unit costs are just too high.

  2. Want to be able to send a picture to a cell phone, not email address. Would also be nice to have a recoring feature on the phone (camcorder).

    Would be nice to have a louder speaker, very hard to hear other party with out a blue tooth set. These should be simple to address for such an excellent phone.

    Text message function is still slow even after updates.

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