Apple Texts customers about an “important iPhone software update”

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A few minutes ago I received a text message that read as follows: “A free message from Apple and AT&T: An important software update for iPhone 3G has been available on iTunes since this past Monday. To get it, simply synch your iPhone 3G with iTunes and click the “Check For Updates” button.

Apple is making a concentrated effort to ensure that people update their phones with this latest software fix…so despite some online reports that the software update doesn’t work for everyone…it has to work for someone. So if you haven’t updated yet…go do it. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Apple Texts customers about an “important iPhone software update”

  1. There are too many people saying 2.0.2 made their iPhones perform worse than before the update. This is not very comforting and does not motivate me to upgrade.

  2. One thing to try when updating is restoring to the new update instead of updating to it. As an iPhone developer myself, I follow this practice so that there isn’t code clashing with code. It takes a little longer, but in my opinion, it’s well worth the time.

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