Apple completes MobileMe mail restoration

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Another update on the Apple MobileMe Status blog informs us that Apple has completely repaired the mail service which was unaccessible by 1% of registered users on and off for the last week or two. If there are MobileMe users that are still experiencing Mail problems, Apple has launched a dedicated chat line for this exact issue. No other issues will be dealt with while contacting the line – so don’t bother.

Apple also admitted that there was a bug discovered on Monday that was causing some users to lose their contacts and calendar data over the air. This issue has been fixed as well. Apple suggests that if if you’re still having problems you should restore your data to correct the problem.

Its really nice getting this information direct from the company. Hopefully they will see the value of this status blog, and continue to give us bog style updates on in another capacity once they have MobileMe at 100%.

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2 thoughts on “Apple completes MobileMe mail restoration

  1. While it’s swell to see all the stories today about MobileMe being fixed, when I hit today, I get

    Looking for something on MobileMe?
    The account you requested doesn’t exist or is currently inactive. Please make sure the URL is spelled and capitalized correctly, and try again.
    MobileMe Login | MobileMe Support | Learn more…

    Sie suchen etwas auf MobileMe?
    Der von Ihnen angeforderte Account ist entweder nicht vorhanden oder derzeit inaktiv. Vergewissern Sie sich, dass die URL-Adresse richtig geschrieben ist (inklusive Groß- und Kleinschreibung), und versuchen Sie es dann erneut.
    MobileMe-Anmeldung | MobileMe-Support | Weitere Informationen…

    Que cherchez-vous dans MobileMe ?
    Le compte que vous avez demandé n’existe pas ou est actuellement inactif. Vérifiez que vous avez saisi correctement l’URL et utilisé la casse appropriée, puis réessayez.
    Connexion à MobileMe | Support MobileMe | En savoir plus…

    MobileMeログイン | MobileMeサポート | 詳細はこちら…

  2. This is the second time they’ve claimed the problems are fixed (see July 16 memo announcing all subscriptions were being extended 30 days: “Fortunately we have worked through those problems and the web apps are now up and running.”)

    They haven’t fixed any of the issues I’ve had from day one. Newly added Calendar events don’t sync, birthdays listed in MobileMe Contacts are off a day (even with timezones set the same), etc. All the tech support I’ve been able to find doesn’t work. Based on other Apple sites and forums, I’m not the only one still having problems.

    Apple needs to stop claiming the issues are fixed when they are not. Apple itself is a problem at this point with all the false claims. At this rate, I won’t be keeping this product once my subscription ends.

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