Apple Slapped with Class Action Lawsuit


File this one under the “you’ve gotta be kidding me” department….Loop Rumors is reporting that Fred Greaves and Dave Gatley filed a lawsuit on May 3rd with the Superior Court of California for the County of San Diego. The duo are are asking for multiple forms of relief and reimbursement along with an injunction that would prevent Apple from continuing to market notebook displays with claims that they support “millions of colors” and offer views “simply unavailable on other portables.”

Specifically, they are claiming that Apple’s notebook displays can only display the “illusion of millions of colors through the use of a software technique referred to as ‘dithering,’ which causes nearby pixels on the display to use slightly varying shades of colors that trick the human eye into perceiving the desired color even though it is not truly that color.”

Is there anyone…ANYONE…reading this that thinks this is a good and judicious use of the US court system? I’d love to know why…


  1. Rick says

    Everyone realizes Apple has deep pockets. People like this don’t event want to win their case, they’re just hoping Apple will give them a quick settlement so they’ll go away.

    Here’s an idea, lets sue the Mars corporation because Skittles only give the illusion of tasting like a rainbow.

  2. ATSkyWalker says

    Huh! If apple is selling the laptops to be capable of “Millions of Colors” and its not, then this is false advertisement. What good a gfx card when your screen can’t even respond to the color variance the chip offers!

    I love apple, but this is wrong.

  3. reinharden says

    Hey, wait a minute… My computer only displays red, green, and blue! And creates the illusion of displaying all those other colors.

    Off to file a lawsuit…


  4. Rick says

    @ reinharden


    The additive primary colors are the basis for all those millions of colors, because those are the three basic color wavelengths that our eyes respond to… so unless they plan on arguing color theory in court I’m sure we won’t hear any more about this.

  5. ... says

    Basicly computer displays trick us into seeing colors, since this is controlled by a program how does it differ… For heavens sake…

  6. Drew says

    I guy walked into a restaurant in New York some years back without shoes on. He was promptly asked to leave, and he did, only to return with pork chops tied to his feet with string. In the process of the ensuing argument with the maitre’d over what constitued proper footwear, he slipped on the marble floor and broke his wrist. He succesfully sued the establishment for a ridiculous sum of money.

    The moral of the story is that the idiots are taking over, so don’t be so sure that common sense will prevail here.

  7. krye says

    In a bar, a woman slipped on a wet floor and was seriously injured. She sued the bar owner and won a ridiculous sum of money. The clincher is that the drink she slipped on was the drink that she threw in some guys face moments earlier.

    The court system/lawyers in this country allows this crap. If anyone somewhere else in the world approached a lawyer with one of these claims they’d be laughed at and promptly be shown to the door. Lawyers here only see $$$$, and don’t care about honesty and integrity.

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