MacBook Backpack Goodness: incase Backpack

I seem to have a problem with bags. I don’t know what the problem is really, but I always seem to be searching for the next big thing. A while back – pre Apple days, back – I purchased a Swiss Army backpack. This thing had everything I wanted and needed at the time, and did a great job hauling my laptop and other accessories everywhere I went. But back then, I wasn’t as much of a neat freak with my equipment, so I wasn’t too paranoid about scratching my laptop. When that happened to my MacBook Pro the other day, it set me on a mission to find something new.

I went back to incase, because not only do they do excellent iPhone cases, but their bags are excellent as well. I’ve purchased quite a few of them over the years, with my favorite being a 17-inch brown bag that I sold to my buddy when I got rid of my 17-incher for work. My nylon sleeve bag is great, but it doesn’t have room for my various accessories and paperwork that I have to take with me now every day. At the same time, my Swiss Army bag was not only damaging my computer, but also way too big for what I needed.

The answer was an incase compact backpack. I debated for a while about getting a messenger bag instead, but a backpack is just so versatile and handy to have. Pictured above is the incase backpack, designed for a 17-inch MacBook Pro, that also has extra protection and space. I was originally looking for that one, but decided instead to go with the compact version. It has an iPad space too, which also makes my life easier should I decide to take it with me.

I bought it at the Apple Store, and they have a 14-day return policy. Hopefully I figure out in the next two weeks whether or not I like it, because I don’t want to return it unless I have to. Let the experiment begin.

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