YouTube Find: G4 Cube Intro – Macworld 2000

You could say that the day of this Keynote, was the day I became obsessed with Apple. The G4 Cube fascinated the hell out of me. I still think it’s one of the most beautiful computers Apple has ever produced, and between the G4 Cube and the iMac G4, I don’t think Apple’s design team has ever done a better job than those two products.

The G4 Cube, however, was not a success. The device was underpowered and over priced. It was discontinued in 2001, with a promise that it would resurface in another form in the future.

That form was the Mac Mini. The day the Mini was released, I ordered my first Mac. Since then…if you can’t tell…I’ve been hooked.


  1. Steve says

    The Cube was a clever design but one of their best I dunno. The Mac Mini is a lot better imo. They fit more power into a smaller space, granted its been quite some time since the Cube was introduced, but looking back I think the Mini was a better design choice.

    Not the iMac G4 though, that was sweet, I still don’t know how they managed to fit it all in there.

  2. krye says

    I loved the Cube, but I could never afford it. Sweet design, compaired to every thing else on the market in 2000. Nothing came close. Everything else was just an ugly beige box.

    I wonder if there is a mod out there to take the Mac Mini guts and cram it into a G4 cube enclosure. I know I saw a post for a guy do it with a PC mini ITX board.

  3. Steve says

    ^^ Cram? you could fit like 6 minis in there. Someone did mod it and put an external hd, mini, and airport station inside the g4. Saw it on TUAW.

  4. Bryan says

    Didn’t the hard drive make a racket? I don’t see how it could run totally silent…

    Still, it’s an awesome design. I like my G4 iMac–headless now, so it’s even cooler looking. Now it just needs a custom paint job.

  5. says

    Man. Save the nasty “snow-white” iMac, I think Apple’s product line-up back then was so gorgeous. The clear plastic.. It was so futuristic-looking, you felt like you owned a piece of alien technology. Those were the days… Apple hasn’t amazed me in it’s computer design since then, except with the G4 iMac..

  6. The Wizard says

    I read about the cube as being a super cool design/concept back in 2000 in PC magazine. But I never realized how really cool it was until I watched this video. Thanks Michael for posting it. I think that away from the price point back then, this will always be a one of a kind machine considering the time it was launched in.

    @Michael: I have been a mac user back in 2005 since the launch of the first mini too.

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