New Apple Products coming TOMORROW?

apple-logo.jpgReports are coming in from all over the Apple Rumor sites that we may see a product line update from Apple tomorrow.

8-core Mac Pros and updated Apple Cinema displays are on the top of the lists of new things that we can expect according to Think Secret…

…while Apple Insider is convinced that we’ll be seeing a new iPod model.  Not the rumored widescreen iPod mind you, but a new variation on a current model.  Perhaps a 2 Gig Red Nano, or the rumored Beatles iPod in a non-widescreen capacity.

Mac Rumors seems to be remaining neutral about the speculation, stating that while their Buyer’s Guide suggests that none of these products are in dire need of an update, but enough time has passed that an update isn’t out of the question.


  1. says

    Why dont they make a robt and it goes around with an apple modol withe camera and lets them have sex with it ant it makes babies then they sex again and so on sosoon


  1. […] Okay, I admit. I came into that article already agitated. Why? Because of irritating headlines like this: New Apple Products coming TOMORROW? Hello, that was posted after other rumor sites already scooped this guy on the amazing orange iPod Shuffle. Meanwhile, the article suggests the possibility of 8-core Mac Pros and other nonsense. Here’s another term. Fiction. […]

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