iPhone launch scheduled for June 15th?

applefcc.jpgAccording to this letter posted by Gizmodo…the answer is yes.

So is WWDC shaping up to be what we all hoped Macworld 07 would be…or are we setting ourselves up for a let down again?

I think this time WWDC is looking like the biggest show of the year. If Leopard AND the iPhone are released during this conference it’s going to be a hard one to top for years to come…


  1. Cingular also sent out a mass email today letting those who subscribed know about the release in mid June. The 15th sounds about right.

  2. WWDC is not a forum for consumer produktreleases. The iPhone will probably get it’s own little media show.

  3. Couldn’t you get in lots of trouble for posting this letter?

  4. It’s a fake. This is a letter to the FCC, requesting authorisation for the iPhone. Apple did not do this before the release event in January due to privacy concerns, as Steve Jobs mentioned on stage, and Apple stated on their website.

  5. Why can’t I just find a blog that is honest and straight up with info. It is so childish.

  6. Damond –

    No one is being dishonest with you. I didn’t fake this letter. The first place I saw the story was Gizmodo. I thought it was interesting…so I posted it.

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