Video Find: DIY iPhone Battery Replacement

I’m not sure how helpful this video is actually going to be, since it doesn’t really look like the iPhone works properly when its over, but I found it interesting to check out a step by step look at how replacing a battery yourself will go, and what the innards of the iPhone look like…

if you try this yourself and break it – it isn’t my fault – so don’t blame me. :P


  1. Errr wouldn’t it make more sense to cut the red lead close to the battery before you unsolder, all that talk about shorting and that tape – totally pointless.

  2. Hi,

    Well I got apple battery from a local store, and opened my iPhone, but unfortunately i messed up alot of things, i plucked the battery, without nowing that i will damage the circuit, as you can see the bellow images, i have spent more then 10 hours continuous to solve the problem. Let me explain it to you guys….

    details and circuit diagram on

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