One Of The Best Fitness Apps, RunKeeper Pro, Is Free Through January

RunKeeper Pro, one of the best fitness Apps for iOS, is free through the month of January. That’s a saving of $10 and all the motivation of a personal trainer.

I’ve been an avid RunKeeper Pro user for a year. It’s a great App to track your fitness progress and more importantly motivate you to exercise. It’s complemented by RunKeeper’s Social Network which publishes your runs and rides online to share them with friends. It’s crowd sourced fitness at its finest.

In an effort to encourage more people to get off the couch, and as a show of appreciation to the RunKeeper community for your terrific support for the last two and a half years, we’re making the RunKeeper Pro app (usually $9.99 USD) free to download now through the end of January!

The App is amazing and the fact that it’s free for a limited time should be an even bigger motivator to grab your iPhone (or even iPad if that’s how you roll) and work out.

You can download RunKeeper Pro on the App Store


  1. Matt says

    SAWEEET! I have been using the free version and wanted the Pro version but $10 was a little steep! This is awesome!

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