No User Installed Apps on iPhone?

indexhero20070109.jpgDan Lurie is reporting over at TUAW that a booth attendant told him that users will not be able to install any applications on the iPhone.


I find this EXTREMELY hard to believe, and I will wait for confirmation from Apple about this before getting too bent out of shape about it, but if Apple wants to compete with the other not-so smartphones out there, then this is going to have change.

I can install applications on the crappy Motorolla cellphone I have in my pocket right now. I can install games, gmail, and a ton of other applications. There is NO WAY that Apple is going to screw this up by not allowing the device to expand past the basic features they have listed.

My guess is that the booth attendant is mistaken. Either that…or Widgets are going to MUCH more powerful by the time the iPhone hits (which, interestingly enough, will probably be after Leopard launches).


  1. says

    I agree, this seems crazy. They made such a big deal about how it runs Mac OS X. If it runs OS X then it should be able to have apps developed for it. I do not think they mentioned how it runs OS X strictly for aesthetics. I think Widgets for it will become more complex also though, that makes sense too.

  2. James says

    Meh, whatever.. So long as some means of adding on software is created it’s all good. I mean, if they give us some kind of apple script or python like interpreter we can use it’ll all be good. I think the principle of keeping the thing totally stable is valid – however they gotta provide SOME means of adding stuff on and if they don’t – it’ll get hacked in anyway. So, chill, it’s all good.


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