iPhone Quick Tip: Faster Punctuation Typing

iphonekeyboard.jpgThe iPhone keyboard will be debated for a very long time…some (like me) will love it, and have no complaints about using it. Others will hate it down to their very core. Such is the way of Apple products.

Regardless of how you feel about the keyboard, I think you’ll appreciate this tip.

When you enter punctuation, you have to hit the characters key in the bottom left of the screen. If you click that, then select your punctuation you have to switch back to the letters keyboard by clicking the appropriate button in the bottom left of the screen as well.

But…if you keep your finger pressed down after you click that characters tab, and drag your finger over to punctuation mark of your choice, when you lift your finger up, the keyboard will automatically switch back to the letters keypad.


  1. Joe says

    Mine switches back automatically when I add punctuation (as soon as I hit the spacebar) — am I misunderstanding what you’re saying?

  2. Michael says

    No Joe, you’re not misunderstanding, but when you’re writing a contraction you don’t hit the space bar after you enter punctuation. This tip helps save you a few button presses…which will help stave off carpel tunnel for a few weeks longer…


  3. Joe says

    When I’m doing a contraction (like don’t), it switches back automatically without having to hit the spacebar???

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