Brian Lam is an Ass – and the iPhone isn’t from Apple

The iPhone is a VOIP phone made by Linksys.  Cisco, their parent company, has owned the trademark since 1996.

They will be announcing their product on Monday.

Brian Lam, of course, was aware of this when he made his post last week, stating that the iPhone would be announced on Monday.

He offers the following to Mac fans everywhere:

P.S. Macheads–including those from Macrumors, Think Secret, TUAW, and Cult of Mac–know Apple likes to release gear on Tuesdays. So they probably didn’t expect an Apple iPhone today, even after my original post. If you did read into it incorrectly and feel like I misled you, apologies for the discomfort.

I, for one, don’t appreciate the little laugh he’s having at our expense.  I doubt I’m the only one.

This news, however, is interesting, because now, the speculation can run rampant on what Apple will call their iPhone.

You can read the full article here


  1. phil says

    hahahahaha 😀

    seriously, i think this was funny. it’s just silly how strong everyone anticipates this dang phone… hell, it hasn’t even been officially hinted at, EVER, that this thing is in the works. and if it’s true what people say, that it’s basically gonna be an ipod with an antenna, then shove it, apple. i already have an ipod, thanks.

    just wait till it’s actually announced and then you can still freak out about it.

  2. Ohcyt says

    Like he said: we all misread it, he didn’t tell something that wasn’t true. Thinking the real iPhone would come was wishfull thinking, nothing more. Besides, we could have known since it was a monday, the message was very fuzzy, it’s too close too chrismas, etc… basically, all arguments against were very solid.
    He made us hope, and it wasn’t really funny, but don’t be too hard on him or you might look like a mac fanboy 😉

  3. tizz66 says

    I’m an Apple user through and through, but you all need to grow the hell up. You really care SO MUCH about an *unannounced* product that you’re actually upset about this?

    You’re dragging the rest of us Apple users down with your pathetic whines.

  4. Finney says

    It’s sad… every day a blog predicts the iPhone or some other Apple product comes out. And when finally a product with the same name comes out, all of a sudden he’s an asshole. It’s really quite sad.

  5. Big-Daddy says

    Interesting… So, the point is people are upset because Brian Lam mislead them in purpose?

    You might not like what I said, but I think readers need to also take responsibility. There is an “iPhone” alright. But it’s from Linksys… not Apple.

    Have anyone thought why they’d be so dissapointed? Maybe because no one went through the troouble to check the solidness of the info? Instead, just follow Brain Lam like a good, old blind sheep?

    I don’t like the way Brian tricked with people’s trust & hopes… But perhaps people should take responsibilty to check the 3rd, or even 4th party’s sources before they blindfully follows a blogger who’s known not representing Apple’s Official?

    Besides, What about the responsibilities of other bloggers? They, too, announced news about iPhones, whether following Brian’s news or not. Why haven’t I seen anyone being angry at other bloggers who’s giveing out the same/similar informations?

    I can’t help but think Dissappointed fans are using Brain Lam as their disappointment/anger/frustration/pride outlet…

    I’m not too into the whole affair, and I’m just passing by, so it’s not likely I’ll be back.

    If you think I said something wrong, or you’d like to chat, welcome to e-mail me @ [email protected]

    Thank you for sharing your opinion. I appriciate this blog any constructive e-mails to me as well as others.

    Please have a nice day.

    Merry Xmas, and Happy New Year.

    Sincerely yours, Big-Daddy. ^_^


  1. […] Thing is, Mac-lovers don’t take too kindly to having their emotions played with, and so Brian finds himself (and, by extension, Gizmodo) on the receiving end of quite a bit of criticism.  So far the phrase “damages your credibility” has been mentioned at least as many times as Apple has submitted cellphone-related patents, he’s been called an Ass and prompted several people to change their homepages to something else (you mean not everybody has Google as their homepage?) […]

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