I’m already sick of the iPhone SDK debate – how about you?

Ars Technica “reported” this morning about “leaked” reports on the iPhone SDK. While these “leaks” tell us almost nothing that we haven’t been hearing for months, the report has already sparked a heated debate among the commentors that has seemingly turned personal almost instantly. 0xdeadc0de writes: “…people hack the iPhone because people want to write […]

Rumor Poll: When will we see a 3G iPhone?

Let’s talk 3G for a minute. Speculation continues to run rampant, some saying that the 3G iPhone will make its debut along with the SDK at the end of Feb. Citibank has decided that its coming in less than 6 months based on the fact that “inventory is low” and “Europe wants it”. Even others, […]

The Apple gaming trademark and why it DOESN’T mean Apple is working on a gaming device

This weekend has been filled to the brim with rumors and speculation, on a variety of Apple related topics. One of the biggest has been the fact that Apple filed for a trademark that would protect the world APPLE on “toys, games and playthings, namely, hand-held units for playing electronic games; hand-held units for playing […]