How should Apple Gazette look on your iPhone?

So, there’s a plugin for WordPress that will make it so that when you visit a WordPress site, it is optimized for the iphone. I’ve debated installing this plugin for the site to give you a cleaner experience when using your iPhones – but I REALLY like seeing the full design on the site when […]

Let Apple Gazette Guest Week BEGIN!

This week we’re going to have some guest posts here at Apple Gazette. I won’t be going anywhere…I’ll still be posting, and the podcast will still be daily (except for Tuesday, when I will be out of town). There will be at least one guest post a day during the week, assuming everyone gets theirs […]

Looking for Guest Posts – Anyone Interested?

So, today is going to be kind of a weird day here. I’m not going to spend 24 hours reminding you of the features of Leopard, or post 100 screenshots of the System Preferences menu, instead, I’m going to install Leopard as soon as it arrives, and tell you how that works, both on a […]

Apple Gazette is 1 year old!

The very first post on Apple Gazette was posted October 6th, 2006. So, officially its tomorrow that is Apple Gazette’s first published birthday…but I wrote the first article on the 5th. SO – I’m calling this Apple Gazette’s first birthday! To celebrate…I’m taking my mother to the airport. Yeah…seriously. So, I’m not going to be […]

Introducing iRing – Free iPhone Ringtones for All

You can find iPhone ringtones by clicking right here. You’ll get a new ringtone every week. It’s pretty cool, and definitely worth checking out. Today, I’m very happy to introduce Apple Gazette’s very first piece of software. A very simple Automator built application based on this tutorial for converting AAC files into ringtones for the […]

OT – I’m on Vacation until the 13th

  Hey everyone, I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that I’m going to be on vacation between now and the 13th.  (Although I doubt I’ll be able to keep from posting for that long)  I’m taking the family to the beach…so, wish me luck with that… I’ve set […]